Meme - The Things I carry

I was tagged by Rachel of thamjiak. I have done the 2 meme's she mentioned except this.

Indeed , i have not really cook in other kitchens besides the college, my room, MIL and my parent's place.

However, if i were to really go and cook , like what i did in my god brother's place the last time, these are a few things that I will like to have with me.

1 My own set of knife ( in a bag that includes wire whisk, wooden spoons )
2 fresh herbs
3 pestle - like to have granite not mortar.

I think thats all i have to bring as i do believe they will have their own chopping board, wok, pans, pots, etc.

Things that i will hi jacked - err........their pressure cooker..chuckle. I have seen some good kitchen and i wish my place is big enough for an island kitchen or work table. Its convenient and makes cooking much more enjoyable instaed of being a chore.

I have seen some good copper pots in my boss's place. That will be awesome for my collection .

Doing that, I wish I am cooking now.....

Tagging to people......better not or else they will skin me. Anyway, i do believe most have done this meme.


Tazz said...

"Tagging to people......better not or else they will skin me."

So, are you saying that you will skin Rachel? *sniggers*

fooDcrazEE said...

is she edible ??


culinary said...

aiyo, you make me so guilty conscious (i havent done mine)...hehehe