Practical Lunch

As mentioned, my practical class is on Wednesday but unfortunately, this last Wednesday class would be our last practical class for the semester. Our exam will be right after CNY....gotta prepare for it and I have got some tips for the exam by STEFANIE.

For the Wednesday, we have 4 course and this time i suggest to omit soup. 2 appetizer - 1 cold the other warm.

For the cold, we have came up with a simple dish of CERVICHE that one of the classmate hadbeen talking about and wanted to try them.

Uses fresh Siakap fillet and skin off. Slice and then marinate with lemon juice, shallot onion,ginger. Mixed well with seasoning and some sugar. Wrap and chilled for 2 hours. Oops ! I forgotten about the chilli. NO wonder it taste funny. Ran out of shallot and replaced with yellow onion as thats whats left. JUst dont have the oooomph that I was looking for. Hrummph !

Served on a bed of thinly sliced red cabbage ( julienne ) and sprinkle with fresh crushed black pepper.

Here's how it looks like.....

For the warm hors d'oeuvre we wanted to make fresh Pumpkin Tortelinni but since we are too lazy to do our own pasta, we make wanton instead. Same ingredient. Cut up the pumpkin ( 500gm), drizzle with oil and baked wrapped up for 45 minutes. Remove and place in a bowl. Mash them up, add in breadcrumb ( 100 gm ), parmesan cheese ( 200 gm ), 4 eggs ( beaten ), salt, pepper and some paprika. Mixed well.

Place a teaspoon or less into wantan skin and wrapped it up like yuo wrapped a present. We called them Mini Pumpkin Bag. One is deep fried and the other boil. For the deep fried, we served with chilli sauce and the other, ginger julienne steeped in Chinese Black Rice Vinegar.

For the main, we came up with 3 beef dishes and 2 chicken. MIne was beef roulade with carrot, spinach and red cabbage. The beef was seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil and a little rice wine. Topped them up with fusion mustard sauce. 2 tablespoon of english mustard - make into paste with water. Put them in a blender. Add 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1/2 teaspoon sesame oil, 2 tablespoon of toasted sesame seed, a pinch of sugar and blend them till smooth.

Baked at 160C for 10 minutes. I screwed up as I have forgotten to set the timer and it resulted in a over cooked beef ( still edible ), I wanted to served them medium. Diu ! Forced to use corn as part of my garnish. Yucky ! Set the beef on a bed of spinach tossed in olive oil and red wine vinegar.

It was a stupid presentation as i wasnt in the mood as my friend lost my pen drive with all the photos, recipe, etc in it. EVen the spinach stuffing was off taste - too salty as I think i put in 2 pinches of salt instead of 1.

My partner in crime - hehehehehehe, my colleague from the same company under the scholarship scheme came out with this. Beef roulade, same filling cept he uses walnut sauce. Came out much better than mine.

See the orangish thingy there. Thats the left over from the pumpkin bag filling. Smart of him to use that . Now, why didnt i thought of that.

Bryan came out with this presentation using the same beef with his version of red wine sauce. I have to readjust his sauce as it was terrible. Tasteless except for the wine taste. Found out he uses only roux, flambe with red wine and add in stock. No wonder. Told him to chopped up some onion and garlic, sauteed them, flambe with red wine, add in flour to butter to make roux and down the stock. Bring to a boil, add in more red wine and adjust seasoning.

He was kinda down too - heart broken. Broke off with his gf. Poor him.

Now for the chicken dish. First made by a Sarawakian Girl of mixed parentage - Chinese Filipina.

Pn fried Chicken Breast with Rosemary Infused Brown Sauce.

Ah Sun, our Pakistani classmate - chicken with spicy mint yoghurt .

Dessert is simple - Kaw Near Mamuang - Thai Glutinous Rice with Mango. No need to elaborate further.


eatzycath said...

ooh, I so empathize with the lousy mood when something is lost.. your practicals are so interesting - do you get sufficient advance time to think about the ingredients and pick an appropriate recipe before the actual day or is it like some IRONCHEF contest, i.e. give you the ingredients at the class and you have to instantly think about how to cook it?? just curious :)

mg said...

Personally, i like your beef better than the others. How did the fusion mustard taste like with the addition of soy sauce and sesame oil - the thought of this doesn't really attract me. I would personally have accompanied this beef with Satay sauce rather than mustard.

Spinach is something i love.

fooDcrazEE said...

cath, we have about 3 days to plan and requisite what we wanted after discussion with chefs. Most of the time, they cant get the item or supplier did not send the item, we turn into IRON CHEF style. Use whatever there is....i would love that but not qualified yet.

Mae - its actually a TAHITI recipe that i found on line and i sort of modified them a lil to accomdate whatever ingredient i can find and adjusting to Asian taste.