New Year Eve Lunch

With not much guests around during the day time of New Year's Eve, our chefs called us for lunch. Simple Chinese Meal but very rich. Our normal lunch break will starts at around 1430 - 1500. Late, huh ?

Welcome to the life of hotelier especially the F&B Dept. We are not as lucky as office peep working 0900 - 1700. Breakfast on time, lunch by 1300 and be back for dinner , if u r lucky to escape the JAMS by 1900. *Envy* the time but not the JAMS....chuckle !

Now , back to the meal.

For a start, we have Seafood Broth with White Rice. Its just plain rice with rich seafood broth. Imagine fresh grass prawn ( live at that ) and white promfret cook in superior stock for our broth and then poured over hot steamy white rice. You can find a similar recipe here for the superior stock.

One bowl for each of us. Look at the amount of fish and prawn in the bowl. Dont you wish you were with us ? chuckle ! Delish

Next we have seafood hor fun. Seafood again ? Well, i did say it was a rich meal, didnt I ? The hor fun (Cantonese for broad rice noodle, ribbon noodle) is stirfried with a lil oil to loosen and cooked the noodle. Flavour with light soy sauce and a lil dark soy sauce. Click here for soy sauce detail.

For the gravy, first u sauteed the scallops, grouper fillet (also known as GAROUPA - a PORTUGUESE word) with ginger and garlic, once fragrant, add in the stock, bring to a boil, add some corn starch or in this case, arrow root starch. Season and topped with raw eggs once removed from heat. Pour over HOR FUN.

Sounds delish, aint it ? Hmm...there goes my diet plan. Too much starch in these 2 dish.

Top - the whole dish of hor fun
Bottom - scoop out some hor fun for pic.

Apologized for not having a picture as good as Chan Lilian's picture as I dont have as good a camera and skill as she does. Chuckle !

She's good with her camera. Take a look at the Prawn K/Teow. Good eh ?

Cheers !


Anonymous said...

Fabulous lunch you guys had, wish I could savor all these good foodies! :))

Eternity said...

rice & noodle, both in 1 meal?? and all seafood. *envy* watch the cholesterols! hehe.

jadepearl said...

Yummy-yummy lunch!!! So envy!!!
Happy New Year to you and your family!!!
Got you "what I need to bake for CNY" list ready yet? *wink*

fooDcrazEE said...

errr.....cholestrol ? Its only from the prawn, I ate 2. So ok mar! Otherwise, i cant oh and the starch too. liao lar.

JP, not yet as i will not be baking anything , bz preparing for CNY at work. All the contigency plan, figure, blah blah blah!

Happy New yEar All. May all of you be blessed with good health and wishing all of you BON APETIT !

Godknows said...

Yummy, I am hungry again now.
Em co the comment bang tieng viet duoc khong? :)

Gina said...

Ok mah.. your template.. i think just click "view source" at my blog, then you know the ident/measure of the template.. geezz. i am quite bad at this, really.

fooDcrazEE said...

Tu the VietnameseGod, u can but i havent tieng viet for abt 8 yrs now. Still able to understand but i doubt i can write them...chuckle

Chuc mung Nam Moi Em oi....keo foodcrazee ban anh khong phai la em, duc khong ?

Gina, i cant view ur template source.

totenkuchen said...

What types of dishes do you have on the Lunar New Year in Malaysia? I like to celebrate and have prepared mostly Chinese and Philippine food and would like to have some recipes from another country’s celebration.

The Monkey

Gina said...

Cannot be lah. just click view source saja mah... ishh.. ish.. you are asking a computer idiot here..

totenkuchen said...

Thanks for getting bakc wiht me. I know the Chinese eat dumplings (Siu Mai)for their New Year celebration - I was just wondering if there was some special food you all prepared similar to Siu Mai to bring good fortune in the New Year.
By the way, the grouper looks fantastic, I will have to try it

The Monkey

Shiang @ H2S said...

yo happy new year buddy :)

slurp! said...

wahhh 2 rice dish!!! but for new year, never mind lah. Happy New Year!