Restaurant Review - Ming Ren

Working hour and for lunch, my colleagues and I decided to have lunch at Ming Ren Restaurant that I have posted here.

This time round have simple light meal as my colleague the Manageress of the outlet Angel wants a simple meal. fair enough for us - Our Sous Chef Friend Richard and I.

This is what we have

Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Spring Onion and Ginger - one of my favourite food.

This dish is Beijing Cucumber with Minced Chicken Meat stir fried with preserved olive leaves. A specialty of the restaurant.

Hah! This dish, guess what it is. Will tell u guys in the comment. If you taste it, you wont even believe it. Do try this if you are up here.

This is our whole meal. The fish is nice especially when you dipped into this special dip from XinJiang Province of North West China. IT is actually meant for lamb dished expecially the roasted lamb leg or lamb ribs or 1/4 lamb. I love it with my rice and i drink a whole soup spoon of it after my meal. It helps in digestion.

I dont really remember the name of the vinegar. Think it is called "Chan Kong" vinegar by the Chinese. It is not as sharp and sour as our usual black vinegar and flavoured with some sesame seed, spring onion and red chilli, it really boost your appetite and its delicious with lamb. It just cuts off the fats from the lamb in the way Mint Sauce does with lamb.

According to Wikipedia its called ChinKiang vinegar . Think its in Mandarin wherelse Chan Kong is in Cantonese. Checked them out and found out its a province in China .

Not a bad lunch in all. Wish you guys can try the dish here. What about a meeting up here for fellow food bloggers and some veteran bloggers of Malaysia or shal we say Klang Valley region and plus minus 100 km from KL ?

I can arrange for a set menu at a certain price with Angel. Do let me know, so we can plan proper.

Cheers !


Anonymous said...

Your lunch looks great, especially the fish dish..I just can't resist! Wish I could meet up with u fellow bloggers & go on a munching trip!

Greenapple said...

i think i know what it is, it's shredded potatoes ...

i have many friends from China, your dishes don't surprise me at all. am amazed by the fact that you can find them in Malaysia ...

FBT said...

shredded turnip?

fooDcrazEE said...

Yeap! Greenapple got it. Its julienne potato stirfired with the vinegar. The best part is, it doesnt taste like potato at all.
When u r next back, drop me a line and consider a meal on moi !

Happy New Year

jadepearl said...

Wah, so sedap!
Could I just check if you ever tried making popiah skin? Me tried but sad!

Happy New Year to you and your family too! :) May 2006 be another wonderful and prosperous year too!

Tim Rice said...

Your food dishes are making me hungry. Thanks for the pictures that make my mouth water.

fooDcrazEE said...

Hey Tim,

Thanx for dropping by. Been to ur blog, nice tangled roots. Middle Earth Felling, eh ?

judy, indeed i have but not for quite awhile.

Check here for my previous post.

Eternity said...

good food, anytime! so, makan where, when? see if can come join the makan lovers =)

fooDcrazEE said...

That we gotta plan. The only problem is i cant go downtown as i need to study day time and work night! How abt after CNY and we can meet up in Genting ?

boo_licious said...

Happy New Year! Wow, meet at Genting - I haven't been up there for so many years. If we meet up, I guess we can sample your cooking.

lilyng said...


i think i would like to contact you when i come home to malaysia and it will be pretty soon, sometime in april.

i have tagged you for meme 'you are what you eat'


Tazz said...

The second dish looks yummy! :)

lilyng, Mike has completed his assignment sometime ago.

fooDcrazEE said...

SO, who wanna plan for a meeting ?

Lily, sorry, i have donemy part. DO mail me before you are up.I might need to change my monthly day off for your visit. Looking forward to that.

Sample my cooking ? diffcult. Cant be in the kitchen during my working days can I ? Chuckle. Will see.