Practical Dinner

Yippeeeee ! I was happy as I would be able to cook again during the practical class.


Until i got a call from my chef

Me : " Hello "

Chef : " Hello and good morning. Just call to inform you, i have change you from Group B to A. Is that ok ?

Me : ( as if i got a choice - inner voice ) " Good morning to you too. Err...ok, no problem " See you later. Cheers"

Chef : "Thanx and see ya "

*&^$%&# - Now i gotta wait till Wednesday. Feeling a lil down, i decided to look for some food. Hehehehehehe! Call up my chef friend and asked him if there's anything to chow ! I called on the right moment and he was making SUSHI......

Went over and collected some for picture before i ate them.

Yummy Delish Tasty Morsels

Wash down with a glass of Chinese Tea. Iced Of Course.

Went off to class later in the afternoon and found out they are cooking beef and chicken. Another 4 course meal - Egg Crepe fill with beef and chicken ( depending on the main course ) follow by Stilton Watercress Cream Soup , err......the main is either beef or chicken and finale Dutch Caramelized Apple Tart.

I dont understand why they serve either beef or chicken appetizer depending if your main is chicken of beef, respectively. Cant they use seafood ? Too much meat......aint it ?

The Egg Crepe Roll with Chive Sour Cream

For the soup


I dont really like the taste of cheese in this case. They cant find stilton cheese for us and they went ahead and used cheddar and it produces a unpleasant taste on the palate. Cant even explain them in words .........more like a goey taste as the melted the cheese in the soup and then process them in the blender. Yucky ! What am i doing ? I should have good comment written here but being what I am - who cares !chuckle !

Here comes the main and everyone came out with their own version though the ingredient is the same.

Yakuza Beef - lolz....just kidding. This was cooked by the Japanese classmate - the handsome Kenji . Sirloin cut into strips and marinated with Yakiniku, Sweet Sake and Kikkoman. We asked him what dish is that and all he said was, I called them Japanese Style Roll Beef. Fair enough as he uses mostly Japanese stuffs for marinating. As for the sauce, sauteed some chopped onion, then garlic and flambe with sake. Add kikkoman and dilute with water. Season with salt, sugar and pepper. Told him to cheat and dump in some powdered beef bouillon. It was delish.

Then we have local girl and her version of chicken. Marinated with soy sauce, orange juice and lemon rind. Season with a lil sugar and white pepper. Pan fried and serve with reduction of the same marinade.

Looks a lil over crowded and the slicing is very chor lor ( hokkien - for rough )

Another chicken dish , this time Chicken ala King. Boneless Chicken Cube sauteed with onion, capsicum and cook in cream and mushroom. Not sure whether the recipe is right but it looks good though colour can be improved. Did you al notice all the dshes are served with butter rice. Joyce should have added some spice to make it reddish. That will complement her chicken ala king.

Pua came out with similar beef roulade but different vege and sauce.She opted for a spicy tomato based sauce which is nice. The colour of the dish is good too.

Top - took my advise and flow with her heart for presentation.
Bottom - original presentation from her.

Lst but not least - Christie's beef pocket with mushroom filling. She is obsessed with mushroom. Lilian not that MUSHROOM ! Chuckle ......

Served with rosemary sauce - very light liquid roux, with pounded dry rosemary and beef stock. Again i cheated asking her to use the beef bouillon powder. Ran out of Beef Stock liao.........

Oh ! I forgotten to snap a pic of the beautiful caramelized apple tart. My apologies.

Till then. Will be cooking tomorrow for lunch and will blog about it then.

Cheers !


Precious Moments said...

With all these delicious food, how you keep you weight down. You are so lucky.

jadepearl said...

OMG...drool...what a wonderful spread! Me must self invite me-self to your place once leh!!!
Huh, you are not gaining weight either? Tell us your secret leh!!!

Primrose said...

The crepe looks good. You know in restaurants when they serve Crepe Suzette? What is it made of? Flour or egg pancakes?

Fonia said...

Wow... U are sure a lucky who surrounded by so many delicious food every now & then! *Envy* They look really inviting... Drool...

fooDcrazEE said...

edith and JP, by exercising. anyway, i'm near obese.

Primrose - its flour , egg and milk batter.

fonia, the upside of working in hotel. The downside - long hour.

Cheers !

fooDcrazEE said...

edith and JP, by exercising. anyway, i'm near obese.

Primrose - its flour , egg and milk batter.

fonia, the upside of working in hotel. The downside - long hour.

Cheers !

rokh said...

i have tagged you for a meme. hope you don't mind. feel free to decide whether to take it up or not.

Tazz said...

-_-" Yakuza Beef. Read about Yakuza Beef in Mo Hayder's Tokyo. No thanks! :P

mg said...

Great job you have - trying out all those tasty looking food. I like the last one especially.

Btw, is this a cookery class or sampling to put on menu?

culinary said...

all the food looks so yummy, how i wish i am there to taste them.

fooDcrazEE said...

rachel, think i have the meme cept for the thingy to bring when cooking in other places.

Tazz, its just a joke o.0

Mae, after working for ages, decided to pursue my paper qualification. A dip in Htl Mgmt b4 furthering to whatever.....

jingle - u r a mch better cook than me in chinese. i envy you too, looking at ur food. drooling...