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Was tagged by a lovely lady Darla of MessyCucina, whom by the way, is a great cook. Lovely food recipe she posted was delish and a lot of homemade stuff too.

I diversed. Hmmm......it's an old meme that i thought i have escaped being tag. Well, since i was tagged and for the sake of bloggersphere, I will do it. No offence meant to Darla.

The 7's

Things To Do Before I Die
Things I Cannot Do or Miss
That Attract Me To Blogging
I Say Most Often
Books I Love

Wow ! What do i want to do b4 i die ? In no particular ranking

1 Ensure I am healthy so I can enjoy all the food that I love or have yet to discover
2 Travel to as many places as I can
3 Visit and talk to my parents more
4 Have at least 2 - 3 kids with my lovely wife - Carmen
5 Learn how to cook using whatever ingredient there is in the kitchen - vast knowledge there, need to be more versatile.
6 Earning as much as possible
7 Do as much charity as possible

Things I Miss

1 Alcohol - liver enzyme is too high. Had stopped for the last 6 years. Miss my red wine
2 Authentic VietnameseFood in Ho Chi Minh City
3 My old Self - My appearance - the slim me . Was 72 kg when I came back to M'sia in 98 and now I am a whoopie 85kg standing at 175cm or 5'8", thats overweight or obese based on BMI.
4 My 3 lovely God Children and 2 nieces. Not seeing them as much as I ought too. Study and work is kinda hectic schedule.
5 The travelling for food - use to drive all the way to Ipoh for breakfast, lunch in Penang and be back in Klang for seafood, all in one day. Thats like travelling via car for about 800 - 1,000 km in one day. Chuckle
6 The good old days when we are kids - the carefree environment, the healthy life style of running around barefoot, tree climbing, making or own toys - tops, wooden guns / rifle, kites, etc.
7 Warm Malaysian Hospitality - Malaysia WAS famous for her warmness but .......................at present, we are a DAMN RUDE bunch of people. What we use to lable Singaporean , the Kiasuism, should be apllied to us instead.

That Attract Me To Blogging

1 Reading KY's blog that started my interest
2 Learning all the HTML coding for a NOOB like me
3 Reading all the delish food posting
4 My passion in cooking
5 My nick
6 Try out my photographing skill ?
7 Sharing experience in culinary art - chuckle. Making friends on line and able to meet some of you. Thats nice.

I Say Most Often

1 Diu
3 Please
4 Thank You
5 Makan?
6 Relax
7 Shall we ?

Books I love

Cant say for sure as I read all sorts of books. So, not gonna mention here.

Last but not least the 7 person that I need to tag or join the meme.

1 Moi - French
2 Toi - Vietnamese
3 Saya - Malay
4 Wo - Mandarin
5 Yo Soy - Espanol
6 Gua - Hokkien / Peranakan
7 Ang - Tagalog

Hahahahahahaha! Since all the above had done the meme, feel free if anyone else wants to post the same meme. Maybe ChanLilian would like to post in her blog.

Cheers !

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