Practical - Dinner - Continue

Have been delaying this post for a few days due to my hectic days and request for recipe from heheheheheheheheh 2 persons. I make them sounds like there are a lot of people asking for the recipe.

Anyway, the other classmates came out with their own variations of recipe . Not all item are captured. I was busy preparing my food.

Our handsome Japanese Classmate - Kenji came out with his variation of Japanese Food.

Starter - Sliced beef stir fry with beansprout and onion in Japanese Sake and Hot Sauce

Main Course - Pan fried Salmon Fillet with Japanese BBQ Sauce

Didnt capture his soup and dessert.

Christie - From Johor came out with a slightly below her par presentation

Spinach tossed in oil and vinegar with sauteed mushroom and onion,

Poached Snapper with Ginger Sauce

and lastly she had some pear braised in orange juice for her dessert. Only managed to captured the pear in a pot.

Our youngest classmate Joyce of Kuching

Avocado Soup

Timbale of Egg and Leek Cream

Catfish with Spicy Tomato Sauce

Oops ! I missed out her dessert.

Another Johorean - Pua

Deep fried Abalone Mushroom with errrr.... i cant remember what sauce

Her panfried red snapper with hollandaise. I missed out the soup and dessert as well.

Fellow Klang Valley Girl - Shin Rong had quite a day. She panicked. chuckle

Mixed Salad with Feta Crumble in Vinegraitte

And her version of Fish Curry

Last but not least, our Kitchen Star - without experience and now our best cook, Eric from Klang

Chilled Strawberry Yoghurt Soup

I know its sole roulade but i dont know the sauce and whatever there is on the plate.

Sorry ! I wasnt really paying attention this time round. Will capture all their menu item for next week posting.

POSTING number 99 - 1 to go for the CENTURY !

Cheers !


Anonymous said...

Wow, chefs-to-be! All the dishes look so awesome :)

Godknows said...

Why don't you come to Viet Nam and cook these for me just for oe day? i am hungry now.

Primrose said...

Strawberry yogurt soup? Salmon...yummmm!

fooDcrazEE said...

Lin, dobt think they will be cept for Eric and Christie.

Tu, it wont be for a day, if i do go to Vietnam. At least a week to satisfy my craving.

Primrose - yeah ! its strawberry blended with youghurt and season, chilled.

babe_kl said...

ahem, so many gurls as classmates kekekeke...

NKW said...

very nice...

fooDcrazEE said...

babe, young chicko and they are even younger than my youngest sis. I can read them like a book...chuckle...dont even think abt it.

nkw, ok lar.

Eternity said...

that chilled strawberry yoghurt soup really caught my attention! wow!