My Japanese classmate - Kenji bought a bottle of marinade for beef that he used for his appetizer. It is called Yakiniku No Tare Hot. No idea what it was but it sure taste good.

He asked me to try and not knowing how to use it, decided to get some chicken, chopped them up into chunks and marinade for about 30 minutes. Added some Kikkoman for extra flavour. Nothing else but those 2.

The Bottle Lable of Yakiniku

The Back Labe in English

Kikkoman Sauce

Marinating Chicken

Not knowing what cooking method to use, opt for the easiest - Fried. Shallow fry that is. As far as I know, there are 4 types of frying - starting with Sauteing, Shallow Fried, Deep Fried and lastly Stir Fry which is favoured by the Chinese.

Of the 4 method, by far the best is still sauteed and stir fried. Why ? Healthy is the word. This 2 method utilizes little or no fats.

I diverse. Back to the chicken. This is how it looks like after cooking.

Not a pretty sight and the taste is not what I expected. It is supposed to be a sort of BBQ marinade and I guess, frying would not bring out the flavour as opposed to roasting or grilling.

This marks my century post. I am now researching for Yee Sang. WIsh I can find more details so that I can post a good post like many of those who had been nominated for FOOD BLOG AWARD.

Cheers !


Eternity said...

what's the diff between sautee and stir fry huh? me being at cook-to-save-my-life level just "fry". :P

fooDcrazEE said...

biggest difference is the technique. One using pan te other wok. Saute shorter perod to retain colour, texture and flavour. MOst are for glazing.

Stirfried , u get the "wok hei". Both use high heat but the wok distribute heat better than a pan and utilize less gas,etc.

mg said...

Is the sauce similar to Teriyaki? hmmm i think it looks good.

Tazz said...

Hey! You didn't mention whether it tastes nice. :(

fooDcrazEE said...

Evelyn, it is nice but lack the taste of roasting or grilling...what to do, i dont have an oven in my quarters..

linnish said...

Congrats on your 100th post!

steelrage said...

mr foodcrazee any ideas whats a simple and easy way to me a nice chicken roast??

fooDcrazEE said...


MR ?? lolz.... since when u starts calling me that...kns..

U NOOB - buying is the easiest.chuckle. Mail me for the recipe.