FooDcrazEE eats - Kampar Stuffed Bread

As mentioned in my earlier post, I passed by this shop or restaurant called Yau Kee Restaurant a branch of the main restaurant from Kampar, Ipoh located in the district of Kinta Selatan. Heard about this restaurant and believe it or not, this is the first time, I tasted their product. Not sure when they sort of created them for commercial but it's quite sometime ago, I guess. Search the net and i got this story Not bad, eh ?

Robyn of EatingAsia had posted them recently with his Kampar version just lately. Mine is from Ipoh the branch. From his picture, it does look different. The bread texture, etc. They have 2 version, Curry Chicken or Herbal Chicken. I opted for the Herbal as I have sort of tasted the Curry Chicken from somewhere, cant remember when it was or where.

What they does is precooked the chicken and then wrapped them in a parcel of grease proof paper and load them in bread dough. Eh ? WTF, I meant, they put the chicken parcel into bread dough and then baked the bread till cooked.

I dont know about you guys but it does not really taste that great. The herbal concoction doesnt leave much flavour to the starchy sauce and the chicken was pre fried. I was thinking more of a non fried chicken with a nice herbally flaovoured sauce base. The bread itself is nothing fancy, just basic bread but i believe they place quite a generous amount of margarine and maybe even some lard to make them looks real good. It is very yellowish in colour but the texture is kinda bland.

It cost us RM22 , i think or is it RM24 for this what they called SMALL portion. Cant remember the price, must be getting old - chuckle

On your next trip up north, maybe you guys can try and then feed back to us.

The plastic bag with their company's info.

The box holding the whole dish and the actual product doesnt look anything like the image on the box. Can we sue them ? chuckle!

This picture was taken with my mobile phone camera using natural light. Not very appetizing, is it ?

Using my old IXY 3.2 ( yeah, I got the camera when my BIL was in Japan 4 - 5 years ago. Still using it. Cant afford a new one $$ lolz )

Another image from the camera.

The bos even came with instruction on how to serve the dish.

Remove the chicken from the bread to reheat as it was 3 hrs after we bought them back.

Follow the instruction but it doesnt work. So, peeled them off with our bare hand - after washing of course . Sanitation and hygiene.......chuckle. Compare this picture with Robyn's and you will notice that Robyn's version is kinda rough but this is more fluffy - is it because of the margarine ??

After reheating, the paper is kinda thick and difficult even to cut them up. Tear them instead. The sauce over flows as I under estimated the amount. Somehow the herbs doesnt penetrate the chicken and that left it quite bland.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal experience and taste. It may vary for others. This review is done solely for personal blog and by no means the reviewer receive any monetary or non monetary compensation.

Cheers !


slurp! said...

huh? i thought you suppose to reheat with the chicken still inside the bread?? this way, the herby aroma will not escape?

fooDcrazEE said...

how ? I got no oven, can only steam.....what herbal aroma - it doesnt taste that much of herbs anyway!

Primrose said...

Eh, I've only seen aluminium paper wrapped herb chicken but never before a loaf of bread wor. Then the bread how? Eat or what?

fooDcrazEE said...

eat lar Fran oi....dip them into the gravy..

jadepearl said... sedap! We have chicken-in-the-bun over here! The whole loaf of bread with chicken curry inside the bun. Yummylicious!!!

boo_licious said...

You can also get it at some restaurants in KL - had the curry one in Pik Wah before which was pretty ok.

mg said...

mmmm... looks interestingly good. chicken in a bread, wow, that's an idea!