FooDcrazEE eats - Ipoh Pomelo

Returning from Penang, decided to drop by Ipoh since my MIL wanted to visit the temple there. Got off the wrong inter change at Jelapang. Have to travel further in before we reach the Sam Po Tong the Lime Stone Caves Temple. On the way, we pass by a shop called Yau Kee Restaurant and remembered it was supposed to be a restaurant selling the famous Chicken Bread from Kampar. Thats for another post.

After the visit and since we all know that Ipoh have what we called Hard water since they are sitting on top of a large karst formation, the food here is different from anywhere else in Malaysia. Of course, Ipoh is famous for their Hor Fun that we called Ipoh Sar Hor Fun. We had that for lunch and being too hungry, I have forgotten to snap a picture or two for the 2 dish - Ipoh Hor Fun Soup and Herbal Beef Hor Fun. This 2 dishes are so delish and the pircing is fair - RM3.00 for the hor fun and RM3.50 for the beef.

Then we stop by the road side where all the pomelo's are sold. Looking at the nearest stall, we saw 2 leggy beauty and that reminds me of Taiwan's
檳榔西施 , Betel Nut Beauty or Girls. That turns me off and i opted to shop from an old looking couple. Looks like they had been around and they should know more about pomelo than these 2 so called beauty - chuckle.

Ipoh is considered the Pomelo Centre of Malaysia and they are known as Ipoh Tambun Pomelo. An article came out earlier in a chinese newspaper, cant remember which as i dont read them. Wife told me, its due to the water and soil in Ipoh that create a better taste pomelo. They dont have the after zesty taste that you get with other pomelos. Even the sacs dont leave as much fibre ?? as compared to the rest.

I know nuts about choosing this fruit and so, MIL went and chose. She bargain with them and for 2 numbers, it only cost us RM18.00. Actual price - Large size = RM12.00, small at RM 10.00. Well, to me its already cheap and wouldnt have bargain with them.

This is the bigger size pomelo

Different of sizes and species

The peel of pomelo - Remember when we used to wear this and play with them. That used to be my soldier helmet since it is green.

We used to sun dried them up and then use for cooking. It lends a fragrant into our dessert especially the "Tong Sui" - Sweetened Broth Dessert

The peeled pomelo. Notice the top of the fruit. We got a bonus of a baby pomelo forming in it. Kinda sweet. chuckle

The bigger of the two with reddish sac. It is so damn sweet that we finish the whole fruit that night itself. I took in about 2/5 of the fruit. Couldnt resist.....

The vendor asked if the pomelo was to be kept of eaten immediately. The red one was to be eaten within the day and the smaller can be kept up to 3 more days. So, 2 days later, we peel them again and hmm......not as good as the red one but still delish !

Now, i'm out of pomelo and thinking I better asked my friend to get me one when she's back to Ipoh on her next day off.

Cheers !


Daddy Nick said...

i love pomelos! especially the red juicy fleshy ones - just like those in the pics ..

culinary said...

yummy pomelo, i just post mango & pomelo dessert (picture) in my blog...

Thank you for dropping in my blog.

Godknows said...

I love grape fruit but it's not in season now in Hanoi. I love your pictures mate.

fooDcrazEE said...

daddy nick, they sure are

jingle, i'm always reading ur recipe in ur blog but pic ler

tu, the pic looks shitty cept for the peel - shadow plays. Anyway, thanx

Primrose said...

Wow, I haven't seen a reddish pomelo for ages!! Yum!

fooDcrazEE said...

fran - go buy one lor

MM said...

I love pomeloes but I never know how to buy the sweet ones. They are bloody addictive though!

fooDcrazEE said...

hey MM, thanx for dropping by...same here..never learn how to buy a good sweet one. Only know to buy a heavy enough pomelo as that indicates juiciness