Penang Trip

I have to cancelled my trip to Kelantan due to flood. Phew ! Dont want to get stuck in, off we went to Penang as my MIL wants to revisit Pearl of the Orient after 4 decades. You read right, its 40 years since she last visited Penang. Thats even longer than my life history. Lolz

We set off early at about 7.30 am and of course, I had one of my favourite food in Bentong - Dry Wantan Noodle .

Here's how it looks. Sorry for the blur picture as I am still learning to use my phone camera. Damn, its difficult. This version is so unlike KL or other Malaysian style wantan noodle. Its dry as in KON LOU not flood with the dark and light soy sauce mixture. The best part is the noodle is home made and its really fresh as they spun them only in the early morning. No lye and that is what you want from a noodle.

They are sold out daily and you gotta wait at least 20 - 30 minutes after ordering. The order taker is great...have good memory of what you ordered even with special instruction like no oil, etc.

Reach Penang around noon after few stops here and there for pee break, buying stuffs and just lingering around. It took us near 5 hours to reach Penang from Bentong.

Since my MIL wants to see a lot of tourist attraction, I brought her to Air Itam straight to Kek Lok Si Temple. Yeah Yeah Yeah ! I know what the Penangites will say, No other place meh ? I'm satisfying my MIL's curiosity, k ?

So, I was damn hungry by then and too lazy to locate the so called Best Penang Laksa near the Market. Just went over to a shop at the foothill for my lunch. Yucks and double triple yucky. I was served the Penang Tourist version of Penang food. Look at the blur picture for the so called Penang Hawker Food. It is so shitty that we didnt even finish them.

Penang Char Kuay Teow - the only edible item

The yucky diluted Penang Asam Laksa. Note the stock, didnt even see a sliver of kembong. WTF ! *%#&$^#

Blur close up shot of the mixed up laksa. Where the hell are all the condiments meant to serve the laksa ?

Yucky right ? Ididnt have the pic for the Hock Kien Mee as posted by our famous Penang Mummy Chan Lilian in Penang Faces. I should have read her blog or drop her a call before venturing there. No thanx to Ky of Kyspeaks for not replying my SMS. I sms him for places to makan since he is the only Penang Kia that I knew who blogs about food. Lolz....anyway, some good food I had will be posted later on.

No worry for a lil bad experience.

Cheers !


eatzycath said...

too bad about the food, but u sure are a good SIL.

Godknows said...

hey, it looks like banh canh in my city but without wantan. Love to try one day tho :)

slurp! said...

erm ... any cheap & clean place stay in Penang huh? wonder if one can rent a scooter also :P

fooDcrazEE said...

cath, being a SIL or DIL aint easy

Tu, it is similar cept for the noodle

slurp - err....not sure ler. Ask the penang kia or lady. I'm a super NOOB when it comes to Penang.

boo_licious said...

yes, such a good SIL - hope she appreciates it.

Ahhh, I want to visit Penang now! Sniff, I miss the assam laksa and CKT there. Plus the pisang goreng, appam, ice kacang and etc.

shaz said...

that's a lot of street food for one day! keep it up! :)

Eternity said...

always heard only good stuff about penang food...guess some are just ordinary too huh.

jadepearl said...

huh? Thought Penang food is glorious...wah, jatuh standard already meh?

fooDcrazEE said...

to be fair to Penangite and other tourist area - you gotta know where to look for makan places....found some good one too but still should have contacted Glutton Rabbit or Lilian before hand.

Locals should know best.