FooDcrazEE eats at Penang

After Kek Lok Si, we checked in to CIty Bay View Hotel and had to called my friend up here for guidance. He had amzing memory of whole Penang town streets. Told him I was right opposite Campbell Street just before the arch and he can recall every details along the route.

So, I went all to the end of Campbell Street turning left if 'm not mistaken to Carnavon ( not sure of spelling ) and then towards Lebuh Chulia to Leith and then to Farquhar. Am I correct , Penangite ? Cant recall and I dont have a map on hand. Too lazy to search as well.

Checked in, showered, relaxed and say hello to my boss friend's who works there as a F&B Manager. Thanx to him, I got a cheap room.

Decided to go to New Lane off Macalister Road and just before you reach Sunway Hotel for some hawker food as I was told the food there is basically locale. Yummy comes to think of that.

Reach there with a little help from local. Parked my car opposite New Lane.

From opposite New Lane - believe the Kanchil is on Macalister Street, I'm really not sure.

The blur picture of Oh Chien - Fried Oyster Omelette ( so called omelette ) RM6.00 small portion

Forgotten to snap picture and halfway thru eating, snap this. The plate cost me RM4.00, damn cheap. 1 nos of baby octopus at RM1.00, 2 pieces of Loh Bak - Meat Loaf at RM1.00 per piece too and a piece of Her Pneah - Prawn Fritters.

The delicious hokkien mee Penang Style.

Reorder the baby octopus again as I do like it and its dirt cheap

The famous Char Kuay Teow with Duck's Egg. This is local food .

At least I can say, i was not served the tourist thingy...lolz...Oops! Forgotten to took the Laksa's picture but nothing to shout about actually.

Be sure to be here if you visit Penang. Delish food at dirt cheap pricing.

Cheers !


cin said...

yum, the char kuey teow (and other stuff) looks great! I can't wait to visit Penang. I haven't been there since I was a kid. Hmmm, maybe this year?

boo_licious said...

Drool! Drool!

Dragon City said...

should try out the char kuey teow at Lorong Selamat...damn nice..

jadepearl said...

CKT at lorong selamat? drool!!!

slurp! said...

hokkien mee Penang Style - that's prawn stock? interesting.
penang Char Kuay Teow - yes, I love this!!!

fooDcrazEE said...

cin, boo - it is delicious and cin - thanx for dropping by.

Lorong Selamat - i cant find the place lar...

slurp - dtas prawn mee but called hokkien mee in Penang. Our hokkien mee in Klang Valley is called Tua Tiao Mee in Penang.

The pic looks terrible.lolz