Yee Sang - Yu Sheng - Serving

Nothing much to post as I didnt really go out for makan during this few days. All of us were working our a** off.

Everywhere up here is like "People Mountain People Sea - Yan San Yan Hoi literary in Cantonese meaning lots of people . Its the same every year during CNY 6,000 feet above sea level. From what I know, its the weather down there. Humid and Warm, or as Malaysian would say - Its so hot lar.

Following up my earlier post about Yu Sheng, this is how you serve Yu Sheng.

I arrange for a take home Yee Sang and ate it with my wife. This is how the box of Yee Sang looks like from the inside.

I love the colour of our Yee Sang. So vibrant .

The sauces and condiments. From left, toasted sesame seed, crushed peanut, plum sauce and vegetable oil. Front - the crispy dough fritters

To serve, first squeeze some lime juice unto the fish slices. Mixed Well. Then Sprinkle the five spice powder and white pepper all over the rest of the ingredient. Place the fish slices ( I got 2 types here - Salmon and Grass Carp ) in the middle - on top of the chiffonade carrot and radish.

Next - pour the plum sauce and vegetable oil all over the ingredient. I uses less than half of the plum sauce as it was way too sweet for my liking.

Follow by the dough fritters - just dump them all over the ingredient.

Yee Sang Salad ready to be toss . Dont forget to say auspiciuos wishes during the tossing.

Normally people would say something like

" Wang Choy Chau Sau" - Prosperity withing grasp
" San Thai Kin Hong" - Best of Health

"Pou Pou Kou Seng" - Best of luck in your career advancement

There a lot more of them and I dont really know that much. I am what the Malaysian and Singaporean called the Banana - yellow on the outside and inner white . Its a slang for Chinese who dont speak, write or read Chinese. I do speak Chinese - Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien. Understanding - Hakka, TeoChew. Reading very basic Chinese. So, am I Banana or Babana ??


Cheers !


Tazz said...

Mike, my Ngoh Hiang is nothing compared to all your food here! nice nice...lau chui nuah liao! *lol*

fooDcrazEE said...

U r too modest Evelyn.

slurp! said...

did have any Yu Sheng yet, not a practise in our family. not really fond of it but I'm sure there will be one coming from company luncheon.

how about Bandana? That means a very hiao banana hehehe ... *juz kidding*

ZERO said...

Thats salad looks great. Do you tink you can post a recipe for pig's innard soup?

fooDcrazEE said...

Done. Em, i assume tripe and intestine are enough for soup . If you like others like kidney, other type of intestine, etc innards, then it will be a different soup all along.

Do you have similar Viet recipe?

fooDcrazEE said...

Slurp, I am hiao enough to be labled as Bandana - chuckle.