Pork Tripe Soup

Warning - Non Halal Posting

Cant resist when someone asked for recipe. Though I may not be a a good cook, I think I am able to assist in getting the recipe. This is sort of a repetitive post. I have posted them twice before. *blushing* seems like I ran out of topic to post. chuckle. Well, i didnt post the recipe did I?

For Pork Tripe Soup - I dont really have a recipe. Its just instinct and watching my mum and MIL when they cook the soup.

You will need

Pork tripe
Pork ribs
Stove ( Gas or Charcoal )
Chopping Board

Wait a minute ! I'm not telling what you need to use for preparing this soup. You should know better - chuckle

Firstly, cleaned the pork ribs and ensure they are chopped up to about 3 inches cube. Par boiled them to remove scums and impurities. Lets say about 10 - 15 minutes under medium heat.Remove and rinse with running water. This will help in removing most fats and clarify your soup.

Meanwhile, clean your tripe - turn them inside out and rub with salt and corn starch. Leave for 10 minutes. Then blanch them , remove and rinse under running tap water. Repeat twice. Then scrap the ugly looking yellowish shitty thingy near the deodonum. Check here to see more pic. I have to warn you though, it might be consider as gross and you might PUKE ! chuckle

For the intestine, trim fats and wash with salt and corn starch. Leave for 10 or so minutes. Rinse thoroughly under running water. Now, you have to make sure the innards are stuffed into themselves. Take one end and using chopstick insert the end into the rest of the instestine. Err.. what I meant was "WTF am I talking about". Just insert them till you get a triple stuffed intestine.

In a pot, place about 3 litre of cold water ( room temperature will suffice ) together with the rest of the ingredient. The folded intestine, stuffed tripe ( with the peppercorn ) or you can place the peppercorn in a sachet, and the pork ribs. Bring to a boil and simmer for at least 1 hour. Personally i prefer to use charcoal as it somehow makes your soup so much DELISH.

The tripe and intestine must be place in the pot whole not cut up. You can cut them up later, once the soup is ready and before serving. Remove and let cool. Cut into desire size and reheat in soup just before serving. If you are lazy like ME, then cut them up, place them in a bowl and pour PIPING HOT SOUP to them. They will be hot in no time too.......lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

Do add extra ingredient as you deem fit. Mum added ginkgo nuts ( pak khor ) and it lends a natural sweetness to the soup. As for the peppercorn, use your own discretion. I like them spicy.

Cheers !


slurp! said...

I love this peppercorn pork tripe/stomach soup. no pork ribs for me though. mixed white & black peppercorn for more shiok taste & aroma.

but frankly preparing quite "ma fan" (troublesome). lazy ler .... besides the nearest stall is just mere 15mins again from me. hehehe ...

fooDcrazEE said...

slurp - home cooked is still the best. No MSG !

primrose - thats a lil difficult job. Hated to peel too but if need be, I'll do it. Makan, what!