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Few days back home and i was like in heaven............why you asked ? Simple ...i got to cook again. To me thats not a chore - its pure bliss...chuckle! Well, went to the wet market in Bentong and bought a fresh fish - cheap fresh Tilapia, some roasted pork and err.....whatcamacallit - Some kind of shoot - think its potato shoot....dang....what happen to me today. Lost so many words that's supposed to be on my fingertips. Must be getting old - *bones creaking*

TIlapia - cleaned and steamed with ginger julienne. Once cooked, remove the fluid collected on platter ( it can be a little fishy, sometimes ). Pour some soy sauce over and dash with sesame oil. Served with combi of coriander and spring onion.


Roast Pork - chopped or cut into bite size. Strirfried with no oil and seasoning. Add a little dark soy sauce and sauteed till caramelized. Dump in the chopped coriander and toss. Served immediately.


Potato Shoot ?? is it? Shi Chai Choy in Chinese. take a cube of yellow fermented beancurd ( Foo Yee ) and add some water. Mixed well. In a hot wok, add some canola oil, chuck some minced garlic in and sauteed till fragrant. Throw the shoots and toss. Add in the mixture of foo yee and stir till well mixed. Served hot - what else ! chuckle


Served with low starch steamed rice. I dont remember what they were called - the Tak Mahal brand of rice ......"*&$%#^@'..........


Cheers !

BTW ! Since bloggers got a little problem, I have set up another blog here. Not really updated especially the links....I got to do them manually...."*$%#&@%#*$^


MM said...

Wow, you've been busy! Sigh, am really missing cooking - been so busy that I have had no time. And no one pities me when I tell them I rather eat my own home-cooked food than another restaurant meal! Yours look good ...

And I hate Blogger too at the moment! It's been giving me hell for a month now and I am realyl pissed off. Worse thing is no one responds to my email! Sib&% tu#*&% ah!

fooDcrazEE said...

thnx MM..i prefer simple food any time....take care....and dont curse too much like me....lolz