FooDcrazEE - cooks yet again

2nd day at home and still my hand is itchy. This time opt for a simpler yet delish meal. Made soup using ikan bilis errr.......about 100 gm - cleaned and soaked for 30 minutes to remove as much salt as possible. Dump them in water and simmer for an hour to create a stock. Then I go on and prepare some preserved vegetable "Tong Choy" in Cantonese. Same thing, soaked and then run under tap water to remove as much sendiment as possible. It can be very irritating when you bite into some sand bits. Re boil the stock and add in the Tong Choy and beat up an egg or two and slowly pour into the soup base . Voila !

Simple yet delish soup

For my vegetable, brocolli florets, strips of green capsicum and marinated pork slice. Just use soy sauce and some corn starch. Stir fry the pork after marinating for 30 odd minutes and dump in some garlic slice. Add in the par boil brocolli and stir fry for under 1 minute. Add in the Capsicum, season and remove. Serve

This is a slightly weird dish that my wife thought of. Since stir fry french bean got a sort of greenish raw vegetable taste, she asked me to julienne some ginger and then sauteed till fragrant. Add in the french bean seasoning and a little ginger juice. Stir fry for about 1 - 2 minutes and remove.

Suprisingly, it taste wonderful - slight gingerly spiciness and the crunchiness of the beans really boost my appetite.


Till then

Cheers !


eatzycath said...

wonderful home-cooked dishes, I especially like ikan bilis soup, and usually cook it with water spinach and garlic (beginning to miss the taste...)

Primrose said...

I love lots of french beans (small cubed) in fried rice. Yummy! And I love long beans (small cubed) with fried eggs. My tummy growling at 140am in the wee hours!

fooDcrazEE said...

oops! cook some simple food fran.

cath, cook lor...easy recipe.

Kristopher said...

look it taste delicious ehhh.... but i don quite like Ikan bilis... :)

Chen said...

simple is good :)

fooDcrazEE said...

kris, depends on what type of ikan bilis. You should try and get some good ikan bilis.

Chen - sure simple is nice, especially home cooked.

boo_licious said...

sometimes when I don't have long beans, I'll use french beans to make omelette. Very nice and crunchy.