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Its been while now since I last cook and my hand got itchy. Since a friend of mine, brought some fresh seafood from his angling trip to Kuala Sepetang near Taiping, decided to cook 2 dishes.

The first dish its kinda troublesome as it does takes a lot of our time. Who cares about time when you wanna eat delish fresh food, correct ? Think this dish is aclled Money Bag or Seafood Beancurd Bag ...its just a name anyway....chuckle

We started off by cutting up the ingredients, mainly Shiitake Mushroom, Fish Maw and Boiled Fish Paste into juliennes . Stir fried them with oyster sauce, soy sauce, a little dark soy sauce for colouring and sesame oil. Seasoned with white pepper.

Here's how the product looks like.

We use about 100 gm of Mushroom, 200 gm of fish maw and 100gm of Fish Paste. The rest of the seasoning is basically up to your own personal taste.

We used pre prepared bean curd bag that we obtain from the supplier - we bought them ler...

We then boil some spring onion with a little oil and then tear them up into 4 long strips. This will be use later for tying the bags. Spoon in the pre fried fillings into the bag and secure them with the spring onions. Here's how they look.

To served, steamed them up for 5 minutes under high heat.

Next dish is a soup based seafood. We sliced some loofah gourd ( petola in Malay ), cleaned the hard shell clam, open up a can of pacific clams, cleaned and chopped up the flower crab and just boiled them all up with ginger and a little chinese rice wine.

500 gm hard shell clam

2 flower crabs

1 can pacific clam

300 gm loofah gourd

50 gm ginger

2 tablespoon chinese rice wine.

Good ? I think it is as we managed to finished all the food. The Beancurd Bag is a little too rich....too much seafood indeed.

Cheers !


MM said...

Oh I like that dish. I've had this before but do they use other types of "bags" besides the tau pok bag? I think I vaguely remember having some with thinner bags ... or is that another kind of seafood money bag?

fooDcrazEE said...

MM - that maybe using the beancurd skin ( fu chok )..that will make it thinner and transluscent.

Cheers !

NKW said...

is that tofu bags similar to those sushi tofu bags... inari ??

sweet 1?

slurp! said...

aww ... you make those tofu bags looks so cute!

fooDcrazEE said...

nkw - similar but not sweet like inari

slurp - cute like me ar ? chuckle

NKW said...

then do you know how to make it sweet then?
any recipes?


boo_licious said...

LOL on slurp's comment on the moneybags. I didn't know they make local taufoo pieces like these, I still get the Japanese version to make inari.

When can we come visit you in Genting? Want to try your cooking skills - everything looks good.

fooDcrazEE said...

err......i cant cook for you guys up here as I am not a chef here Boo.

Maybe we ought to meet in ur place so, u can cook for us ! chuckle!

*salivating* *cant wait to taste all those delish food she'll cook*