Meme - Vegetable

Reading thru The Cooking Adventure of Chef Paz and decided to do this meme to make up my lack of post as I'm kinda lazy to cook. Didnt go anywhere special to makan, so, no pic as well...hhmmmmmm.

Here goes

The Vegetable Meme

1. Do you like vegetables?
NO ! I love them

2. Do you have a favorite vegetable?

Not really but i do like crunchy vegetable like brocolli, brussel sprouts, etc

3. Is there any vegetable that you think (or know) most people don’t like, but that you find great?

Hmm...... guess that will be brussel sprout and i heard about chard.


I dont know ! Guess I just like the crunchiness and really, it all depends on how you cook them - ilike mine par boiled and then quick sauteed with chopped garlic.

4. Is there any vegetable that you think (or know) most people find great, but that you don’t love that much? Which experience did you have with it?

Hmm.......that would be canned asparagus. I find them offensively soft as in soggie. Yucky ! Hated them especially in Vietnamese Asparagus and Crab Meat Soup.

5. Which kinds of vegetable are unusual to you?

Chard , i guess. Havent have a chance to taste them...anywhere we can buy them in Malaysia ?? especially in Klang Valley ? What about Kale ? Anyone where to buy ?

6. Name a couple of vegetables that you cook or eat.

Thats kinda tough - too many to mention, lets say brocolli, tomato ( isnt that a fruit? ), choy sum, etc........

7. Which vegetables do you want to know more and bring into you kitchen more frequently?

Really interested in Kale and Chard. Never had a chance to taste and cook them. Any tips anyone ?

8. Some thoughts about vegetables.

Used to hate vegertables when I was a child and I guess its during my stint in HCMC, Vietnam that changes I cant live without them...even those i hated when i was a kid...Gourds fav i still bitter gourd...chuckle

9. Name a great cookbook on vegetables.

I dont really have that many cook books - so, any suggestion ?

Not tagging anyone. Feel free to do the meme...

Cheers !


totenkuchen said...

Our markets are getting pretty good when it comes to different kinds of produce. When I was young you could only get things when they were in season, now they are available all the time! I can even get snow peas, lemon grass, and fennel, all types of peppers and mushrooms and lots of different kinds of berries. Even the Oriental food section has gotten better - it used to be just soy sauce and Chungking canned Chinese chopsuey!

I love vegetables except for Lima beans. God gave us lima beans so we would know when something tastes good.

Eternity said...

hard to find a guy who likes vege, you know... :)

fooDcrazEE said...

Toten - Lima beans sucks unless u want to fatulence all the way to .........

Eternity - hey! its good food and guys must also eat vege for their health....guys above 30 that is..below that, we dont care.....lolz

Paz said...

Fun meme response to read!

Soggy tasting asparagus? I wouln't like it either. Yuck!

Paz ;-)

Puspha said...

I love vegetables. In fact, I can't eat a meal that has no veg. I feel like I'm chocking.
Chard tastes a little bitterish than bok choy & the leaves are thicker. So, got to cook it longer. I cook it with lentils & dried prawns.

Godknows said...

I like veggies but not vegetarian, Vegetarian is a night mare. Scare to have friends like that to join dinner because we can't really order what we want when we share our dishes :)

fooDcrazEE said...

Paz - it is...thanx for the meme

Pushpa - thought that as well but cant buy them in Malaysia..

Tu - definitely not vegan - too difficult a life for me...

strawberry said...

thanks for previously dropping by my site :)

I love vegies too, and I find burssel sprouts as a great-tasting vegie :) I love them sauteed with garlic or baked with fish.

I had a bad experience with kale and chard, so I better not say anything about them. :p