Sorry about the lack of post and the lousy picture. I have been busy with work and personal life that I hardly have time to cook and take some good picture for posting.

Anyway, went over to my friend's place and he cooked this for us.

" Sang Har Meen " literary Live Prawn Noodle.

For the ingredient, it is actually similar to Cantonese Fried Noodle.

Egg Noodle - Wanton Noodle - Deep Fried for crispiness
Large Prawns err... we uses about 1 kg. Trim and remove intestine. Halves. Deep Fried for under 1 minute in high heat.
Choy Sum - Mustard Leaves - 200 gm
Chicken Stock
Potato Flour / Corn Flour
Egg - 3 numbers
Ginger Slice - about 1 inch ginger

Place the pre fried noodle onto a deep dish plate.
Next in a hot wok, drizzle some oil, sauteed some garlic and ginger slices. Of course, you have to sauteed the ginger first or the garlic will burn. Once fragrant, dump the prawn follow by chicken stock. Bring to a boil and then simmer for another 2 - 3 minutes. Chuck the pre cut Choy Sum and cooked for another 30 seconds. Season a lil heavier on the salt. Thicken with the flour and remove from heat. Crack the egg and pour over the sauce. Stir to half cooked the egg.

Avian Flu ? What's that ? Eh ?

Pour the gravy over the noodle and served with some pickled green chilli. Nice to have a hot cup of chinese tea with it but I prefer ICED........

Till Then

Cheers !


culinary said...

no cook show pictures also can, look so delicious food you had.

Godknows said...

Hey, nice post. Whats story with your photos lately? One question, is that expensive to flight from Singapore to KL?

fooDcrazEE said...

jingle - thanx

tu, cheaper by road only 4 hrs cruise. By flight 45 minutes but plus waiting total abt 3 - 4 hrs too.

slurp! said...

try this first class bus between SG-KL :)

Vien said...

How to trim and remove the intestine from a live prawn? Sounds geli la...

fooDcrazEE said...

vien - just a shear scissor will do.

5xmom said...

YAy!!!!!! I had been wondering how to cook this. Now I know.....I don't have huge prawns but I guess udang galah will do. Am going to try this soon, as soon as I find udang galah.

Chen said...

err.. any reason why this noodle is called "Sang Har Meen" ?
earlier on I thought the prawn is still alive when u serve the noodle, hence the name.. :P