Mouth Watering Desserts Around The Globe

Received an e mail from Esther and was asked to mentioned this in my blog. Why not i thought since its for FOOD BLOGGERS around the WORLD.

Here's the mail.

Greetings from Esther,

Hi I am Esther from Foodmall, a regularly updated blog on food and
culinary industry.

I am a regular reader of your blog and I feel your blog is very
informative. I am sure our readers share similar interests in Food and

We at Foodmall are starting a new series on Mouth
Watering Desserts Around the Globe
. I would appreciate if you can
give a mention of this upcoming series in your blogs, You can also send
us your favourite home-town desserts, recipes or desserts that you have
posted earlier in your blogs.

The schedule is as follows...

3rd April - Europe
4th April - Africa
5th April - Oceanic Countries
6th April - North America
7th April - South America
8th April - Asia

Looking forward to your response.
Have a great day.



Cheers !


Puspha said...

Tagged u on a meme. Check out my blog. :)

slurp! said...

Wonder what food surprises you will come up with? :) weekend is here, mouth watering desserts fast fast come :D

fooDcrazEE said...

sorry to disappoint u slurp, i wont be contributing this time round. Bz with paperwork ....

Pushpa - done