RM5.00 Home Cook Meal

I was not in the mood to upload picture via blogger. *&$^#%@ problem with blogger again. Kinda hard to just load ONE miserable picture.

My stupid antique IXY 3.2 CF card is infected with &*$^%*#( virus from the blardy photo shop and loss all my pictures......

The above picture is from my phone when i cook last Sat for my dinner. Opting for a low carb high fiber dishes and decided to just stir fry some carrot, capsicum and some young corn with chicken breast. Pretty easy and neat dish.

All you need is 100 gm of carrot, 1 capsicum ( medium size be it red or green, i uses green for colour contrast against carrot orangish red and the cream colour of young corn) , 1/2 packet of young corn ( not baby corn - this is at least 6 inches in length ) and about 80 gm chicken breast.

Cut into desired shape. I pre blanched the carrot and young corn. Heat up oil, dump in the pre marinated chicken breast sliced ( with a lil corn starch and soy sauce ) and stir fry till 3/4 cook. Dump in the rest of the vege and pour about 1 tablespoon of oyster sauce. Mixed well .....stir fry lar......Served hot.

For the sawi - mustard leave - look at the holes.........this is really organic - home grown stuff from the kampung. Dont ask what they use.period. I actually cut them into bit size of about 2 inches for the leaves and the stem at about 2cm. Chopped some ginger and garlic. Fry till golden brown and dump in the vege. Toss in hot wok till cook. Served hot as usual.

The fish is only a slice of a HARUAN - snake head fish that my Brother In Law caught and then rear in the pond ( a 4x4x4 feet pond behind my MIL's place ) for about 2 years. The damn fish grew to about 1.8 kg....thats huge for snake head fish. I dont really know what u called them in English but in Chinese its called CHIM CHUI PAN - haruan bunga ( in Malay ) i guess. Julienne some ginger, steam for about 7 minutes and then pour some hot oil unto the bunch of coriander and then add in soy sauce. Whack ! clear the plate and nearly lick the plate clean......so uncivililized me....diu !

Simple yet easy to prepare food. All ready within 10 minutes. For the rice, i only took in 3 tablespoon of rice. The mixed vege ala home cook is still what i like best. The fragrant aroma of capsicum, with the delightful corn taste of young corn and the rawness of carrot all complemented the clean taste of chicken breast.

My my......what a meal ....all for under RM5.00. Hey, the fish is free.....the most expensive part of the meal is the GINGER. Believe it or not...

Till then

Cheers !


Robin said...

yes, sometimes a simple meal is definitely better than a 9 course dinner.

Variety is important.

Having the best food everyday can be boring too... Thanks.. great post.

Eternity said...

what a healthy meal. 3 tablespoons of rice?? it's a real low carbo diet!

Chen said...

Sorry to hear that u lost all your pictures..
Kesian, must be very "sakit hati" .. :(

Mmm... huh? the capsicum is cheaper than the ginger?

fooDcrazEE said...

true Robin...

eternity - i have to lose 5 kg in 4 mths. Difficult ler..hows the wedding plan ?

chen - the capsicum is only 70 cents and the ginger is at 2.50.

slurp! said...

sorry to hear about your photos.
hmm ... how come ginger so expensive??!!
and this is certainly not so simple for me also :P