Beef Lungs and Dried Chilli Baked Chicken

A Malay friend of mine, called us to his place for makan ( Malay for eating literary or better term as dine with him ).

His specialty - Baked Chicken Ala Tandoori with Dried Chilli Paste.

Cut and wash chicken. Pat dry. Blend together soaked dried chilli, red chilli, curry powder, cumin powder, cinnamon powder, tumeric powder, ginger, shallot and salt. Mixed in a little water and oil to make a thick paste. Pour over chicken and ensure they are evenly coat. Since we dont have a proper tandoor, we opted to just broil the chicken over charcoal fire. Sort of like a make do BBQ.....chuckle. Marinate for at least an hour in the chiller please, turning every 15 minutes or so. At least twice. Adjust the flavour to your taste.

Then his wife cook us some BEEF LUNGS - deep fried slices of lungs and stirfired with sambal. Just blend chillis ( red and chilli padi ), shallot, sugar, salt and some calamansi juice for the sambal. Sauteed them till fragrant and add in the deep freid slices of lungs. Delish......yeah yeah yeah ! some of you would have said - WTF ? Thats Gross.......yucks!, etc. Not to me....thats really delish and goes so well with the fried rice of just chicken slices, mustard plant, french bean, chilli padi and anchovies * ikan bilis*.

Simple, eh ? Really enjoy our time with this old guy and misses him too. All the children are in teenage now and sort of different from back in those days when I last saw them back in 98.

Sorry for the poor quality phone camera.

BTW, I wll be off for my day off from 7/5/06 - 10/5/06 and should be back to post by 11/5/06. So, DONT MISS ME.

Cheers !

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