Make Do Viet Noodle

The outlet I managed had a promotion for 2 days during the eve and on Labour's Day. The promotion is for THAI LAKSA. I didnt really want to eat LAKSA as I do not want the fat from the coconut milk.

Since the vermicelli - BUN in Vietnamese is fresh, i was thinking of eating that with NUOC CHAM. Thank goodness the kitchen had a bottle of FISH SAUCE even though its not VIET but THAI, I was kinda happy.

Simple enough to make. A handful of the vermicelli, blanch in hot water for less than 5 seconds. Drain. Place in a bowl. For the condiment, I just take from the counter.

Julienne Cucumber

Julienne Onion

Sliced Fish Cake

Fish Ball

Strips of Deep Fried Beancurd Skin ( Foo Chok )

Julienne Kaffir Lime Leaves

A little Chilli - chopped, fresh - used for nuoc mam

and lastly Beansprout. For the beansprout, its up to you. I had them raw as what Vietnamese does for this dish. Cant reember what they called. Tu - Vietnamese God, can you help me out here ?

Douse them with NUOC CHAM and well, i finish the whole bowl and the chefs were like WTF ??? LOLZ

Cheers !


KampungboyCitygal said...

Easy and refreshing..Good to clear my tummy too

slurp! said...

a dish called BUN? wow! looks so freshing & light. I like! :)

Ice Lemon Tea said...

hey, everytime read your blog make me feel hungry. so many good food in ur blog. where is your restaurent? so that can visit next time.

boo_licious said...

Looks good and now I know where to get those noodles. It must have been a very very busy weekend for you - saw the pixs of Genting in yesterday's Sun and it was packed!

eatzycath said...

argghhhh - making me yearn for hanoi food!

Chen said...

BUN to me = Blood Urea Nitrogen :P
An abbrevation that I use very frequently ;)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Sounds kind of fishy to me!!

jadepearl said...

Simple and nice!

Thao said...

Gosh, have got to come here for some dish's ideas!! I also love cooking (and eating!), especially try to make new dishes with strangem exotic ingredients ;-). BTW, I met a couple of Chinese Malaysians in Saigon last year, and apparently they don't like Vnese foods apart from nems ;-). I was in Malaysia last September, and to be honest, the diversity in foods in immense, eating at the KL TV tower with the view is great ;-)

fooDcrazEE said...

well, the diversity of food in VN is great too. 3 Region and the best to me is still from HUE...yummy. Everything is so clean and nice abt the food in VN. Wish i'm back there again.