Asian Lantern Festival - 2

Arghhhhhhhhhhhh.................. I capture a lot of picture with the OLD CANON IXY 3.2 and guess what ? The damn CF card went "kaput" on me. I have to get the SD card and upload more pic here. Diu !

Oh Yeah ! We ate a little when I spied this place - China Sze Chuan - Siu Sek = Snacks ?? with their make do table. DOnt expect service here and its a typical CHINESE service. Way down rude and its not first come first serve basis but first waiter that grabs the food will served their tables first. Well, we did interrupt their meal time - lolz.

They had limited menu and we ordered both noodle - SOUP and COLD ( Dried ). Hand made noodle. Tried to snap some pic of them making the noodle and I got shouted at by the CHEF. Scared.......chuckle! Anyway, when the hot noodle soup was served, we notice that the soup base looks kinda bland. True enough when we tasted the soup, it was yucky....more like the hot water they used to blanch the freshly made noodle. However, once we break up the meatball, the whole thing turns DELISH but a little salty. Even the noodle absorb the flavour and saltiness from the meat ball itself. Weird....but delish.

The so called COLD NOODLE ( thats what the waiter called them ) was kinda weird too. I expect some cold noodle much like COLD JAPANESE NOODLE but wasnt that. It was just blanch noodle - real AL DENTE and topped with chilli,meat and some stuff i.e. peanuts. Mixed them all up and again - DELISH.



Wife wanted to try their glutinous rice dumplings , I tried one and yuck......she loves it though. They placed chopped nutmeg and dont know what other stuff in it that makes them so SWEET and I do hate the taste and smell of NUTMEG.......double triple yucky. Those of you that uses the NUTMEG OIL, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....stay away from me.

We also had their jongji - dumplings and of course the pau but...unfortunately, i lost all the pic.

Looks like i better stop using the CANON 3.2 .

Well, sorry for the lackof lantern picture. Will see if I can spare from the Lumix SD Card.

Till then

Cheers !


Wuching said...

still no pic of lantern wor!

Vien said...

ooo, now i know what to get you for bday, nutmeg scent cologne..haha. *runs away* Ai, I was so looking fwd to the lattern pics. Nvm, another blogger posted 'em. Like you said, no latterns 'xcept for the big one.

boo_licious said...

aiks! sounds very painful the corrupted card problem. Read abt the food and items they were displaying at the festival in the Star tday.

Puspha said...

U have been tagged. Check out my blog