Asian Lantern Festival - Part 1

We were at the Asian Lantern Festival in BKT JALIL as my MIL wanted to go. Check the website and it promises HEAVEN AND EARTH . I was in a mind that there will be lots of Lantern around. The only lantern they had was the CHINESE NEW YEAR lantern with the PROPEROUS word. Not even hand made. DIU.

Had fun during the show at 8pm. Not bad cept for the Local Malay band. They SUX big.

Food was OK. Manage to eat some nice food. Hand made noodle from the SzeChuan province - Non Halal and some delish food from the XInJiang province - Halal.

Too lazy to write as I'm kinda bz now. Here's the pic.

The above is taken with the CANON IXY 3.2.

The lower cluster is with the PANASONIC LUMIX FX01.

See the difference even while using 3MP for the pic. The sharp image frmo the LEICA lens reall made a difference.

Cheers !


Wuching said...

where's that lantern picture?

Vien said...

Did you have to pay to go in? If yes, damn, u were really jibbed off! LOL!

fooDcrazEE said...

wuching - hold for part 2

vien - paid RM5 per pax. Not that expensive but damn, I thought i can see some real life hand made lantern from various places. China, Japan to name a few. but........... :(

Hot Screensaver said...

RM5 per pax is okay lar. I was there too not too long ago, but I didn't try their food there because I went just after dinner.

I have post up tonnes of photos from the event, go check out on my blog :)

babe_kl said...

true enuff for a food lover hahaha.. post food first than the main attraction :p

btw the lumix is really clearer and brighter!

slurp! said...

wah ... looks like some kind of wraps yummie! got xinjiang mutton kebabs?

Rose said...

I've had Chinese muslim food several times. I found it very heavy.

fooDcrazEE said...

done that, hot screensaver

babe - hehehehehe, yeah the lumix scene mode is kewl

slurp - that chicken with ZhiRen Powder - some kind of cumin flavoured spice

rose - depends.....some are light.

slurp! said...

ZhiRen = cumin, that's what they are called in china