Braised Pork Ribs

Another of my wife yearning ...... she wanted to have phoenix claw a.k.a. braised chicken feet but too lazy to clean them at that moment and offered her this instead.

Ingredients - approximately

500 gm - Pork Ribs - feel free to substitute with beef or mutton. Chicken will too tough by then
100 gm - Shiitake Mushroom - soaked, drain and sliced.
100 gm - shallot - peeled and use whole.
50 gm - Garlic peeled and use whole
2 -3 pieces - Preserved red beancurd ( nam yee )- mashed and mixed with water to taste
100 gm - ginger sliced
1 piece - dried beancurd skin - fried and break into pieces
Oyster sauce - to taste
pepper to taste


Heat wok and sauteed ginger, garlic and ginger till fragrant. Add in pork ribs to slightly brown. Add in the mashed preserved beancurd liquid, oyster sauce, pepper and mushroom. simmer for half an hour over low heat , covered.

Taste and adjust seasoning. Add more water and simmer if need be. Served hot.

Simmering pork ribs and other ingredients. Note the beancurd ( I have only one piece leftover from the chiller. Cut them up and just chucked them in. MIL was furious I took her last piece of beancurd - ouch! )

The ready braised pork ribs. Apologized for the poor quality of picture. Didnt have my new camera with me. Forgotten about it in my exciment in leaving work place for day off.

Fried Beancurd Skin

Raw beancurd skin.

Till then

Cheers !


Wuching said...

how can u offer something else! is she still pregnant? u watch out if she doesn't get what she specifically asked for!

Audrey Cooks said...

Gotta say... this child of yours definitely knows how and what to eat! Smart fellow! Looks like a yummilicious dish! Thanks for sharing.

Paz said...

I'm sure she enjoyed her meal!


fooDcrazEE said...

she dis enjoy her meal and nope Wuching - she said either this or i gave her this..lolz

4 1/2 mths preggie

Primrose said...

Hey foodcrazee, do you think wifey would crave for some of my baked cheesecake?

Meiyen said...

whoa....... u cook for your nice wey...
da pork ribs looks good!

Tummythoz said...

Good dish to cook a lot & keep (in fridge, that is), right?

jingle26 said...

so sweet of you to cook for you wife....

Godknows said...

good boy! I think I cooked something like this before but without Raw beancurd skin. Thansk mate

fooDcrazEE said...

primrose - if u baked...

meiyen - thanx for dropping by

tummy - yeah

jingle - gotta learn more from u

tu - khong co chi

eatzycath said...

wah, i love the taste of 'nam yue', and just realized it's been quite a while since I last used it in my dishes.. must go out to the provision shop tomorrow to look for some!