Stir Fried Bitter Gourd with Salted Egg

Sorry about the pic quality. . . . bad . . .

U will need

bitter gourd - i uses about 250 - 300 gm worth - sliced
salted egg yolk - 3 nos - steamed till cook and then crushed and chopped
salted egg white

blanch the sliced gourd removed and drained. sauteed chopped egg yolk till fragrant. add in the gourd. stir fried for about 1 minute and then add the egg white gradually till all are cooked.

remove and eat . . . . lolz



Wuching said...

love bittergourd!

babe_kl said...

wahh so easy only??? am gonna try this SOOONNNN!!!! thanks

rokh said...

i lovee bittergourd :D~

FooDcrazEE said...

try it and let me know if u like the taste. . . . i curi..ed from me chef.....lolz

lilyng said...


glad you are back. always love all the recipes you curi 'd.

FooDcrazEE said...

lolz . . . .thanx lily

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