waroeng penyet @ The Curve

Read about this place form THE STAR and since I was around IKANO . . . . .decided to check it out.

Recommended by the waiter and this is what we have ordered.

A lil worried about the sign as it indicated the spiciness of the sambal

Deep fried tofu with tempe . . . . . . . . i have never fancy this dish and after this, guess I will remain status quo on this dish

The ayam penyet - fried chicken with spice and then crushed in the mortar. . . sorry . . .nothing special there. Personal comment only

This is to die for . . . .it is damn spicy . . . . but delish.

Till next time

Cheers !

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PK said...

BRO... DAMN CHUN RIGHT the samball

I LOVE the place. went there once, can't wait to go there agiain... wait til i fully recover from flu first.. hehee!!!