FoodCrazEE Makan in Tg Sepat

Went on a marketing trip ( my new job) and was introduced to this restaurant by my agent. Right on the LOVER's JETTY - OCEN RESTAURANT owned by a guy called AH PUI <---- fatty in Hokkien. Its just his local nick and no offence taken if you called him that. Actually went there for 2 trips and now that he knows us . . . .the food is absolutely DELISH and FRESH. What we had was :- all recommended by the owner cum chef - Ah Pui.

Oyster Omelette - Tummythoz had this too and the gang didnt finish the dish. . . .sorry but we did. . . .it was nice but not really delish. . .what am i talking about. What I meant was the oysters is delish but the eggy base was average.

This claypot thingy is the specialty of the region - Braised Pork Ribs with Yam. The hours they put into cooking this dish rendered the meat falling off the ribs and the whole thing is so flavourful. . . . .the yam melts in your mouth . . . . . . . ho chiak! delish!

Fresh Clam -steamed with ginger, chilli padi and a dash of chinese rice wine. The clam is fresh, so it is good but unfortunately, a lil too much wine for my taste.

This fish - cant recall the name in English but remembers its a cousin of snapper. Again, fresh but over cook. What a pity. Cant blame him though, he gotta cook and take order at the same time. It was busy when I was there with 80% full.

Had asked him to reserve some Mantis Prawn for me. Hopefully, he will be able to get them. about 4 - 6 prawns per KG. That means the mantis prawn is extremely huge at about 200 - 250 gm per piece and LIVE. . . . . . . .salivating liao.

Till then

Cheers !


Tummythoz said...

Hmm don't remember the proprietor being fat. Can't wait to see your order of mantis prawns.

Shireen K said...

yo bro.. gong xi gong xi... now that you have a kid.... can collect back angpow investment..kakakakakaka..

hope everything is well.. :)

FooDcrazEE said...

shireen . . ...... I have 2 in a year - Feb - son, Oct - daughter

tummythoz - not sure but was intro and ok lor . .quite plump

teckiee said...

the oh chien looks good. a lot of oh.

J2Kfm said...

tg sepat good for seafood, just like kuala selangor ya?

ok ok... but no idea which direction this tanjung sepat is in. =P

sampada said...

sounds pictures.

Babelicious said...

Hey, i have tasted the chicken rice ball at Hoe Kee in Melaka and it did not taste good.

I still prefer Singapore stuff of Chicken Rice. :)