FooDcrazEE goes makan - Malacca

Went to Kulai for an event and had quite some makan there but I dont know where i place all the pic. Anyway, I will look for it and then post them later.

On the way back, someone suggested to drop by Malacca for some makan. Went in 3 cars of 9 pax and found the 1st shop to be over crowded and it does looks good with so many locals makaning there.

Decided to go tho the shop opposite called HOE KEE . . . . . . . . . .quite a Q too but the restaurant is definitely bigger, so the Q will much faster.

The restaurant sign board.

Just at the end of Jalan Hang Jebat or directly opposite the STADTHUYS across the bridge.

The 1st shop that we wanted to go called Chung Hwa Coffee Chop. Quite a Q huh ?

HOE KEE's Q is visible from the junction of Hang Jebat.

The Q in front of the shop. Me friend is hidden behind the pillar.

Food that we ordered minus the ASSAM FISH.

The CHICKEN RICE BALL. . . . . .sad to say its nothing to shout about despite the ads by so many bloggers. The most important thing in HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE is THE RICE . . . .and they cant get it right - personal taste.

The chicken served is not bad, Iwont say it is good as I prefer the CANTONESE version which is somehow tastier. Hainanese CHICKEN RICE dont really emphasize on the chicken itself.

We were served 2 types of rice and I still prefer the other one. Its is somehow better than the rice ball, with just right amount of ginger and definitely cooked in chicken broth with a hint of chicken fat flavour.

The ASSAM FISH - think they used JENAHAK . . .and definitely BLANCHED till cook and then topped with assam sauce. I wont order the assam fish again but the chicken rice . . .ok lor.

Will definitely try the CHUNG HWA shop and one or 2 others than my local friend recommended.

Till then .

Cheers !


teckiee said...

yay! at last! someone agreed with me on the assam fish. I didn't like the price i paid for it either.

FooDcrazEE said...

hehehehe! U can tell me again. Its tasteless . . . . .and yucky.....

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J2Kfm said...

Hoe Kee was empty (yup!!!!) the day we went to CHung Wah. whereas CHUng Wah was building up momentum from breakfast onwards.

but assam fish sounds like a good 'side' dish though. pity it's mediocre/

FooDcrazEE said...

J2Kfm - mediocre ? ? ? ? IT SUX BIG....lolz