Makan at KULAI

I was in Kulai, Johor on marketing trip and our guests brought to makan. Since, I dont know that area AT ALL. . . . . .he led us.

Didnt even asked him where and what to makan.

I do not read CHINESE and doesnt know what they served but looking at the sign board, i recognise the seafood word. That perks me up. . . .seafood in KULAI ? . . . .not really a seaside town. . . . . . .

Our friend / guest started to order as he knows the owner very well and they were near closing time. Didnt know what he ordered either as i was on the phone at that moment.

First course - Herbal Turtle Soup ( is not turtle per se but I dont know what to call it in ENGLISH. Direct translation - WATER FISH. . . .is it called TERRAPIN ? ) I love Clear Soup and this is definitely in a league of its own. The overall consomme like in terms of taste and color. Delish.

Then came in a dish that was stir fried in ginger and spring onion. Gotta ask what it is. . . .the answer - PORCUPINE. Hmmm. . . . . . I am not a person to eat this sort of thing but there's always a first and a last time. Quite suprised with the texture . . . . not bad actually. . . . .kinda like between beef and chicken.

This is normal FOOD . . .lolz. . . .steam prawn with rice wine and egg white. The grass prawn is firm and well . . .fresh. Nothing to shout about as it is kinda usual to find this dish anywhere. Important part is the freshness of the prawns and the trick is the amount of rice wine you pour in to steam.

Top dish - WILD BOAR CURRY - ok ler . . .I can accept this. Its very spicy - too spicy for my taste but the meat is really tender. They sort of cook it like rendang.
Bottom dosh - errrrr . . . . . .claimed to be LEOPARD or PUMA . . . . . no way . . . thats illegal. Found out it some kind of wild cat but definitely not PUMA/leopard. Tasted one small bite and hated the taste. Its very gamey despite the spices used to cook the dish.
Few other dishes that I did not have the time to snap - Fried Beehoon, Sauteed Vege, Fried Rice and deep fried cuttlefish.

Last but not least . . . . . . . . . . .can anyone tell me what it is ? Take your time. . . . . .do comment and I will inform all of you later. . . . .lolz
Overall. . . . .a very satisfying meal and we drank loads of beer. Total amount for 13 pax RM400. Dirt cheap . . . .but no more of the so called wild cat. . . . . . . . . . . .
Cheers !

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