Makan Time

Been lazy and didnt blog for 10 days. Just reading ppls blog. So, high time to blog what i have cooked last thursday 15/9/05.

Had this great red snapper that my angling friend brought back from the sea.
its around 4.5 kg and we have to cut it up. Thinking of doing curry but in the end just steamed it with various ingredients. Sorry no recipe as we just chucked in slice onion, slice garlic, spring onion, cilantro, chillis, tomatoes and lime. No tangerine - dat will be even better.

The liquid dat all the ingredients combined was superb. Everyone had an additional serving of rice. Damn, there goes my DIET. lolz

This is our version of kung po chicken. definitely have lots of cashew nuts. didnt manage to snap pic of us eating and polishing off all these food.

Roast a chicken as we have not enough food for 8 of us. Cut it up and garnish for the fun of it. My friend added some honey and peach to the chicken jus for some sauce.

Added some garlic butter and chopped English parsley to the Green Lipped Mussel and steamed them up for about 3 minutes. Have only 2 dozens with us and for 8 pax - dats kewl as an appetizer.

Enjoy ! Would blog again if i cook tonight as planned. Nothing much, just roast chicken with 3 types of mushroom sauce with veges, tomato soup and dessert - will think abt it tonite.



PK said...

Good morning!!!! it is no good coming into your blog in the morning or just before lunch time... haha!!!!
(same thing friends say when they check out my other lolx)

Thanks for popping by....

Eternity said...

been waiting to see your new entry! looks & sounds so so good (salivating).

tonite's menu sounds grand.

Jan said...

your dishes are so nicely done. next time i should serve roast chicken (purchased from supermarket) the way you do it :)

JoeC said...

yum, yum, can open kedai makan la....master chef lo! good pictures....great food.

anyhoo, have you try using Haloscan? it a little bit less complicated when posting a comment. cheers!

Julie said...

wahhh.. red snapper!!! =)~~~~~

u must b a great cook ^^

fooDcrazEE said...

pk - dats what i am - more on a food blogger. lolz

eternity - thanx

jan - try it. u wont regret it.

cameljoe - err.. not that good nuff yet to open a restaurant though i wish i can open a coffee shop - kopi tiam. Haloscan ?nope havent try it. whats the diff ?

julie- the snapper is great and nope, not that great a cook. just enough for home cook which i love most.

anyway, thanx to u all for dropping by.