My God Daughter - is there such a thing

The other day, my god brother's daughter called me. She's 8 and growing.

Megan : Hello. Kai yeh
Me : Megan, yes. how are you ?
Megan : good but why u never call or come and see me wan
Me : Kai yeh have to work. thats why never call or see you.
Megan : u always work wan. just like daddy. but daddy still can call when free what. u dunno how to call meh? ( char toh man )
me : errr....... no lar. Ok i will call when i'm free
Megan : say only. my test i got number 2 u know or not. u dont love megan liao. *sob*sob* ( damn its hard when this girl cry )
me : good. u studied hard for it. next time must get same or better ok ?
megan : ok but must buy me present. i wan to go genting for holiday. u play with me can ar ?
me : ok. will do. your birthday u come to genting, kai yeh celebrate with u ok?
megan : ok but must call kai mah wan. megan wan to go skool liao. bye bye
me : bye

OUCH ! Getting old. the kids nowadays are so much smarter than during my time. getting old man.

Here's their latest pic when up in genting with their parents.

Megan, Ethan and Phoebe on bed.

from left : Ethan ( cheekiest boy i've met ) meself, Megan and Phoebe ( front )

me wife, meself and the kids



Shiang @ H2S said...

eh you take picture dun alwiz so serious la like wanna swollow people like that. smile abit next time :)

Eternity said...

aww...what a sweet kai yeh you are. i have my share of kai mui and thank god she doesn't corner me like that!

fooDcrazEE said...

eh ? Serious ? No smile meh ?

Thanx Eternity. but not when they call and i kena char frm a kiddo. ouch !

Eternity said...

speaking of the devil! last nite i got a call from kai mui telling me she finished her upsr exam. she then passed the phone on to her little sister who then said "che che i miss you". swear i had a lump in my say the darnest things??

KY said...

give her like 10 yrs, then give me her phone number.

fooDcrazEE said...

give u? err.... better not. same goes to you Eternity. Have to be careful of peeps who does their own KOI pond. lolz

lilyng said...

I now finally have a face. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving all the nice comments. Your blog is fabulous