Simple Home Cooked Dish

Phew! I have diversed froma food blogger to other topics since 24/8/05. Well, kinda lazy to just maintain about food.

Anyway, will be blogging about what i have cooked at home during my pathetic 2 days day off a week ago.

3 simple dish - Chinese Style Preserved Radish Omelette ( Choy Poh / Chai Poh ), Steamed Fish and Stir Fried Vegetable with slice garlic. All to accompany the steam rice instead of using rice cooker.

For the Omelette - I used only 2 eggs ( whipped up for the extra fluffiness ) with 100 gm preserved radish.

Chopped them up and sauteed with oil. For health reason i used olives oil. Lolz

Pour in beaten egg and let it cook. Dont even need to stir the egg. Fried in a normal non stick pan of 18 - 20 cm in size.

Ready for flipping over.


Flipped and ready to serve. yummy!

For the Vegetables , i used Nai Pak stirfried with garlic slice.

Ever use Parrot Fish for cooking? They have excellent white flaky meat that is really suitable for steaming.

How Fresh can it be ? Look at the sparkling EYES !!

steamed with ginger julienne and topped with garlic soy sauce and lots and lots cilantro

HOW'S dat for a simple less than RM20 ( small township pricing in Bentong )home cooked dinner for a family of 4 ? Beats simple "tai chau" restaurant or hawker stall , anytime, AINT IT ??

YUMMY ! All cleared except for the FISH BONE. Mum in law, whacked the whole fish head.

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