Bird's Nest

This is suppose to be delicacy for Chinese but i dont really fancy them. These edible bird's nest is supposed to be swallow's nest. Made from their SALIVA. Err.. i dont really know much about it. Do refer to here for more details of this swiftlet's nest.

All chinese girls would have heard that the nest's will make their complexion better. Is it really so ? Personally i think it should be true but unless you eat it wont help you much. *chuckle*

For more benefit do refer to here.

This site stated the health benefit of bird's nest but didnt offer any scientific fact. Lolz

Anyway, since me wife had a problem , some of you had known, she wanted to eat bird's nest. Since i'm a "Yeah Sei Hau Lou Kong" literary means 24 hrs Hubby or better known as devoted hubby, i did that for her.

Its really easy. Just soaked the dried bird's nest with some warm water and let it expand. Clean up any left over feathers ( oops! ) or debris. Drain. Place the bird's nest, some red dates ( smashed them and check if it is still ok , err... seen some with worm......yuck!) and rock sugar. Any other ingredient like hasma, wolfberry ( kei chi ) you can place them together as well. Pour in water and double boil for 2 hrs. If slow cooker, just set them to low heat and let it simmer for 2 - 3 hrs.

Amount of water depends on the amount of ingredient you put in. I place like 100 gm dried bird's nest , 30 gm rock sugar, 8 - 10 red dates with 600 ml of water.

Check the pic out for the amount of nest i put in for me dear wife. May god bless her with good health both physically and mentally.

Enjoy !

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