Lemon Glazed Cake

At last, I am done with the practical for both kitchen and the ever boring practical service as I am in the industry. I was kinda relax as we have more then ample time to cook 3 lil dish. 4 hours was given instead of 3 as the lecturer and chef's were having their classes cept for 2 that kept their eyes on us. As if, we will look and help others with their exam.

Went in at around 2 pm and starts to gather our perishable and other ingredients. I just go ahead and do my candied lemon peel...no picture except with the cake. Use my lemon decorator to remove the peel from the fruits and uses the fruit to squeeze juice for my icing sugar glaze. I stole the recipe from a link..... cant remember which and the idea of garnishing the cake was from the same site. Chosen to use a square deep plate ( not really square ) and this was the last result. Forgotten to shoot some pic while preparing.

Back View from server's point of view!

Front view - from guest perspective !

Top view !

Very easy recipe. Just a normal butter cake with lemon zest and i added lemon juice to make it moist and zesty.

For 8 servings -

500 gm butter

25 gm margarine

3 eggs ( chicken's egg not ostrich's)

300 gm soft flour

200 gm castor sugar

7 gm baking powder

100 ml fresh milk

2 nos lemon - for zest and juice ( half for cake, the other for icing glaze )

As usual, let the butter reach room temperature. Add in the margarine and cream them. Use a wire whip or electric cake mixer at speed 2. Once it changes to lighter yellow in colour, dump in the castor sugar and beat till all are soft and fluffy. This is where u will add the lemon zest and lemon juice. Beat for awhile. Add egg one by one and beat till well mix.

Add in the flour and baking powder mixture little by little and keep on beating till all are mixed. Using too much mixed word, kinda tired to think of other word. U r now ready for ur basic butter cake cept for the lemon zest. add in any other flavouring now if u like.

Scoop them into a baking tin.....i cheated and use a muffin mould. On a piece of cloth, thump the mould with the batter to remove excess air. Baked at 180C for 25 minutes. The cake will rise. If u like a flatter cake, advised from this site will help.

Once they cake is cooked..... use a skewer or fork to poke as many hole as possible but dont destroy the cake surface please. The remaining lemon juice of about 25ml, mixed in 300 ml of icing sugar and lemon zest till well mixed and all sugar dissolved. With a spoon, spoon them all over the cake and use the back of the spoon to ensure all surface are covered. The holes are for the cake to absorb the icing and make it more moist and with a sweet lemony flavour. Not to worry, its not too sweet. If it is for you, do reduce the castor sugar to half. Place them in a chiller to chill.

Blend 10 strawberry and blend them for juice. Strain and boil with a lil sugar. Drizzle all over plate and serve ur lemon glaze butter cake on the coulis ( reduction of fresh juice with sugar ). For the candied lemon zest - cut the lemon skin into strips and boiled them changing water for at least 3 times to remove the bitter pith taste. Then remove the white pith. Boil some sugar and add the lemon skin and remove. On a piece of grease proof paper... sprinkle some sugar and coat the strips of lemon skin. Arrange on a tray and baked for 3 - 5 minutes with the still warm oven till its is slightly harden. Remove and set aside to cool. Once cool, u can eat lor..................

Will blog about the main dish and soup later. Gotta study for my Bahasa Melayu class tomorrow. I hated that.....

Enjoy !


Greenapple said...

why is everyone baking cakes all in the sudden? oh my ...

okay, now i'm inspired to do it too ...

thanks for sharing!

babe_kl said...

hey almost the same style as my austrian coffee cake. sub coffee sauce wid lemon. great, another recipe to try

fooDcrazEE said...

greenapple...its just me exam lar.

babe....can i have a piece or DH and boi boi gonna sapu all ?

boo_licious said...

Cool stuff! Glad the exams are almost over. I like your kiddy picture, quite leng chai when small - wonder if the same now older?

glutton rabbit said...

Looks cute! Thanks for the recipe! Good luck with your BM test!

rokh said...

really good presentation. just by looking at it makes me want to devour it!

fooDcrazEE said...

exam over finally! phew ! leng chai? where ? now fei chai ler....dont believe ? come on up then.

Rokh....thanx. glad u enjoyed them.

Rabbit..thanx for the luck..i needed them