Braised Phoenix Claw

Well, not much to say about this dish. Its just that for a better word, the CHINESE calls this dish Foong Chow! literary menas PHOENIX CLAW instead chicken feet. Why ? I need to know why ?

Is it because CHICKEN FEET in English have a different meaning ? Anyone care to comment? I know we cant called them KAKI AYAM in Malay as it means naked feet..... human lar. DUH !

It must have some nutritional value as the chinese makan ( eat for Malay ) them all the time. So I did a search and came out with this nutritional table for our PHOENIX CLAW.

My friend cook this up when we went over to his place for makan. Kinda suprised as he did not really use that much starch.................CHINESE cooking especially
CANTONESE uses them a lot especially in Malaysia. Dunno abt China though.

He sauteed some garlic and then added chinese squash marrow

Some of us called them HAIRY MARROW.

You can see the image here.

From there he added some chicken stock he made earlier and dump artificial crabmeat stick, mushroom, ham ( er non halal ) , a lil oyster sauce, sesame oil and braised them in a pot for 2 hours. Season and transfer to a claypot to makan.

Look at the clear stock ! Marvellous dish but not for the chicken hearted or those with cholestrol problem...

For dessert, he thought of doing the 8 treasure tong sui ( Part Pou Tong Sui ). It was supposed to be made from 8 different types of grains - so called 8 due to auspicious sounds like FATT - prosperous in Chinese. So, we helped him out and take whatever we had to make this tong sui.

We can only come out with few ingredient...not all are grains...but who cares. There's barley, green bean ( mung bean ), lotus seed, gingko and peanut all boiled in water with sugar and a lil ginger.

The rest of the dishes not really that interesting to snap pic of blog abt them. Just stirfried choy sum with garlic slices and the other is just beansprout stir fried with salted fish. Delish

Ciao !

I did not take any pic of us finishing the dishes unlike our lovely cute pai kit friend KY..... soli ar.


glutton rabbit said...

Food! Pheonix claw dish looks interesting. I love the colour of the surimi in the broth. Tong sui looks yummy too, was just craving for tong sui when I saw this ;P~~~... so your practical over yet? Will you share with us your performance? *LOL*

rokh said...

i don't really like chicken feet as it is but this one look not too bad. the tong shui is a lovely idea.

fooDcrazEE said...

Rabbit, dunno how i fare in the exam but had just posted them here. Scroll down to Lemon Glaze Cake and the BOMBAY POTATO thingy.

Rokh, try them. its yummy.