Grilles Poulet Supreme

Err...... dats how my menu item was called. Its just grilled chicken breast served with Gazpacho Salsa and Bombay Potato by a GREAT COOK - Ms STEFANIE.

As promised, blogging about me examination for KITCHEN. I sort of follow my instinct and when searching for a recipe. Got them and changed them to suit the palate of the invigilator and chefs. My taste too....*chuckle*

It was just chicken breast seasoned with KIKKOMAN, FRESH THYME and crushed BLACK PEPPER. Marinate for 2 hours before grilling. Dont forget to baste the chicken breast or you will end up with a bone dry chicken breast.

For the salsa, just use GAZPACHO's ingredient and cube them all up. The only exception is the tomato - i prefer to use Tomato Concasse. Red capsicum, yellow capsicum, zuchinni, spanish onion, tomato concasse and garlic. Mixed them up with a lil sugar to counter the sourness and chill. Took 1/3 out to blend as Gazpacho Soup which i reduced and uses as a sauce.

Bombay Potato recipe here is really good.....delicious..... As Stef said, it goes really well with Beer. This is how they look like when i cooked them.


i wanted to display it like what i have blogged earlier. Remember the chef's idea which assisted me with my project or kitchen's practical examination ?

This was how i should look like ........... but i cant serve the sauce he recommended as i have submitted my recipe earlier. So, i modified my sauce from the Gazpacho Salsa. I sort of screwed up and it looks like this....

Pic on top left shows my mistake. Didnt reduce enough. Pic on bottom left from back view. See the beautiful BOMBAY POTATO

For my SOUP - i did Soupe l'Oignon al Gratin - Gratinated Onion Soup. Tried to do the classical way but unfortunately, the invigilator said it was too thick - that was done during my so called trial, this time round, I didnt gratin the soup with the cheese. I served them in a sour dough bread..... it takes me 4 days to make them..recipe here.

Dont think any of you will need the recipe for the FRENCH ONION SOUP.

Well, till then. gotta finish up my P&L report for me company. Ciao and Enjoy !


rokh said...

simply delicious feast for the eyes! good work!

eatzycath said...

If I have to take this kind of exam - sure expire from stress! kudos to u, man! btw - thanks for teaching me a new foodie phrase 'tomato concasse' - sound very posh-leh (better than skinned tomato)..heeheee:)

boo_licious said...

Wahhhh! Everything looks so nice. Hee hee, and I thought what is tomato concasse.

U now fei chai? aiyah, prosperous mah since got good life up there.

fooDcrazEE said...

Hahahaha! Ok only . Not so bad it sounds. Concasse just a french word from concaser meaning coarsely chopped.

Thanx for the comment

glutton rabbit said...

Wah, so yummy!! I love French Onion Soup. The bowl is some kind of hard bread? Can eat the bowl too I guess? I love Frech Onion Soup so much!!!

fooDcrazEE said...

rabbit, yeah, it is a bread that we called SOUR DOUGH - no added yeast. The starter for it will take 2 - 3 days to collect wild yeast...dats y it is SOUR.... yummy bread

Sue said...

Sour dough! I love that! I've tried browsing some recipes but it's quite a lot of work huh? And I wonder, doesn't the starter get mouldy in our humid weather?