In the Mood to Cook

Its kinda hard to get one of my SOUS CHEF to cook. Being a CHEF, they actually dont cook that much anymore cept for special occasion and of course during food tasting for new menu item. They normally come out with the recipe and then train his assistant to do all the cooking. He sort of more to managing the kitchen and taste the food and ensure its good.

We were all suprised when he suddenly announce he's gonna cook today and asked us all for MAKAN. A very heavy lunch we had today.

Salad with Peanut Dressing ( Fusion )

Seafood Bisque

Pan Fried Air Chilled Australian Sirloin with his fusion black pepper sauce. More facts of sirloin here

Aint all that heavy. On top of that, he wont even give us his recipe. I was hoping he will as I sort of like the dressing very much. All i knew was, he added peanut butter, olive oil, chopped chilli, chopped green capsicum, crushed roasted peanut, lime juice, seasoning and a little fresh coconut milk. Mixed all ingredient with lime juice, let stand for 5 minutes, then add in olive oil. Emulsify them with the peanut butter. Just before serving, beat in the coconut milk. Season.

This was how it looks like.....

and the salad simple enough - butter lettuce,frisee lettuce and iceberg lettuce. drizzled with his special dressing....

For his AUST AIR CHILLED SIRLOIN , he marinate them with his special marinade....dont ask me what's inside. A rough guess I believed they contained English mustard, A1 sauce, Lea & Perrin, Tabasco, Caramelized Sugar, Sea Salt, Crushed Black Pepper and some herbs. Oh, i forgotten, i saw a bottle of red wine there but i wonder if it is for his sauce or is it in the marinade.........*&^%$#

Take a look at the pic and u might guess what it is.....

Pic without Flash

Pic with Flash

Then he panfried them....first he sealed both side and then he flambe with a mixture of brandy and oil.

Arghhh...I have forgotten to snap pic of the bisque but i guess you can take a look from here. It is similar in colour and texture but forget the lobster. We substitute with prawns and crabs. Served with salmon flake....

He screwed up the Chocolate Ganache as he is like MOI ( french for me ) a NOOB in PASTRY...lolz.

Cheers !


Eternity said...

a chef is a chef, can taste and guess ingredients to the detail!

eatzycath said...

peanut dressing, huh? sounds interesting tho' not a fan of peanut butter here, wonder if there's anything else for substitute (sesame or tahini paste??)

fooDcrazEE said...

eternity - not really a chef ler.

cath.....what about other nut except cocoNUT.. i remember my chef in Regent KL those days used Cashew Nuts.....i might have try to use roasted almond ..the fragrance of it. Yummy !

glutton rabbit said...

Wow look!! Food-man is doing flambe!! I'm soooo impressed!! *clap-clap*