1 Utama

Send my wife to gynae and decided to take her for a shopping spree wherever she wants. She deserves the trip. Went over to Mid Valley first from the gynae as i ned to purchase a book hehehehe, recipe book. went over to MPH but they dont have them but they do have in Bangsar.

So, what else to do but jalan jalan lar...snaps a few pic here and there - Xmas Decor and stuffs. Nothing much around after the shopping when she announces she wanted one or 2 pcs of sushi - i swear she acted like she was pregnant but....never mind.

Off we went to Jusco and bought some - no pic. Later ciao over to Bangsar Baru to get my book and from there over to 1 Utama. The smile on her face and i knew, Chatterbox here we come.

Had to have a glass of their Iced Milk Tea whenever i'm in 1. She and her yin yong - mixture of coffee and tea with milk. Ordered a sort of Durian Tempura but alas ...i prefer the one up in Genting in a restaurant called Imperial Rama.

The durian tempura is a lil small but the aroma is not bad....notm much taste though. Shared a bowl of Baked Cheese Rice with Pork Chop - nothing great, just wanted to try .

Paid our bill and notice Kluang Station besides Chatterbox and told my wife what i read in the blogs. She thought she saw KLANG STATION, we had a good laugh. Glad i went out with her for relaxation .

Went to every floor in both new and old wing. Looks at every shop that interest her and I. Comparing prices and went to check out the albino python. Poor thing - too skinny, not enough to eat. Snakes should be firm when held not squiggish ....

Passed by Dragon I and other new outlets open since we last went to 1 Utama. Told my dear wife of the review and she decided to makan there even though we were still full. TO cut short, only makan lamian and xiao long bao just because of what i have read in the blogs. Ordered extra beef slices er....i dont remember what the menu item was.

Not bad at all and i did have a very nice service crew. Very helpful and that smile is in his face all the time he served us. The Xiao Long Bao was delish with the stock running out with each bite.

The La Mian is a lil disappointment. Did they make their own noodle ? Doubted it. It tasted like it was dried noodle. The beef slice was wonderful especially when it is topped with the relish. Ginger, chilli, garlic, spring onion ,seasoning. It really goes well with the beef.

What can i say ? maybe i will go there again for a better meal and make sure I am hungry enough to eat a cow, so to say.


eatzycath said...

foodcrazee - you must surely be that rare man who will accompany wife to "jalan-jalan" at a shopping-mall (need to send my hubby to you for lessons)!

fooDcrazEE said...

hahahaha! i have my fair share of mumbling and complaining as most men does when shopping with their love ones......

John J. Goddard said...

Excellent blog, sir! I am a chef, writer and musician in the US planning to do some travelling next year. If I can get to Malaysia, I'd love to visit the restaurant you manage, and hopefully you'd be willing to take me around for the best street food in Genting.

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Best fishes!
John J. Goddard

fooDcrazEE said...

John, thanx for the compliment and invitation.