Practical Dinner

The title for the blog is getting from bad to worst....its the only one i can think of anyway.

Did our R&D for our menu and the kids wanted to have the main course and dessert as I have insist on doing this Terrine coz i like them. Anyway, havent been doing terrine for a long time.

This dish called 3 colour tofu terrine had me going when i saw the pic. Cant remember where i stole this recipe from but i do believed it was from GOOGLE when i did a search there. Its sure is eye catching and taste wonderful . Easy to make

u will need tofu - i used 3 pkt of Soft / Silken Bean Curd what the Cantonese called Sui Tau Fu. You will normally find these in Hyper Market in a chilled water err........whatcamacallit................kanasai - what do you call the machine they place the tofu in ? Water Bath Chiller ? You know what I meant.

Blend the tofu with white breadcrumb, whole egg and season with salt and white pepper.

Divide into 3 portion - taking care to leave one portion more than the other 2. I flavoured the green part with spinach - blanch and pureed. Season before folding into the blended tofu. This wil increase the portion size of the tofu

For the white part, au naturel. That's why u need more of this.

For the red part, i made a HUGE mistake by not adding sugar after mixing in tomato paste and tomato puree ( blend tomato concasse ). Its as kinda sour and over whelming the tofu. STUPID ME ! $^@%">#$^@%*#............

Made pie crust and line the terrine mould or you can use whatever mould you prefer. Ensure there is enough to cover the whole terrine later.

Melt some powdered gelatine in warm water. Set to cool at room temperature before folding into all the 3 portion of tofu.
After that, scoop red coloured tofu unto the pie crust lined mould and give them a thud or 2 - to remove air bubble.
Follow by the white coloured - this time dont thud them as it will mixed. Spoon over the red slowly to avoid air bubbles and follow by the green.
U can do them the other way round too.
Cut the pie crust to ensure a propotion side and cover the top and sealed all side. Do cut some holes into the top crust to release moist during baking.

Place the mould into a chiller to allow the tofu to set for at least 30 minutes before you baked them for 20 minutes of until the pie crust is golden brown.
I actually used the salted short crust as it will compliment the taste of the tofu.

Top - front view
Bottom - back view lar, what else.

We served them with julienne leek to increase the height and to compliment the taste of the tofu and sprinkle them with sauteed chopped bacon.

For the soup - Pea Soup with Potato, Carrot and Bacon. Nothing special except we found this from someone's grandma's recipe. Its nice but not all people likes them. YOungster and their choice of food.........hruummmmpp!

Main Course - we wanted to have boneless lamb loin as it will be nice to present the food and taste better too. Unfortunately, the supplier cant send them over to the college, so, no choice, make do with what they have - stupid cut of lamb cutlet. Its only 1 cm thick - how to eat. By the time we finish roasting them - its crispy and yuck! no comment !

Created ROSEMARY sauce with my classmate, actually not creating but guiding her with what she thought was supposed to be the ingredient from a restaurant she makan at the last time with her parent. Came out not bad but the brown stock is made from chicken bone, so, lack of the oomph that you need for lamb sauce.

For the dessert , it was Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cake Lemon Flavour and Topped with Blueberry Filling. They lost all the boards and we have to make do and came out with a thinner than usual cake. The thing is only 2 cm thick. How to taste the cheese lar...but i'm happy with the person who did this cake. Did it without any help from anyone cept a few question here and there. Wonderful.

Last but not least, me in my kitchen clothing - makes me looks damn PUI - which I am anyway....chuckle



boo_licious said...

Look so professional! So no sex scandals like how Anthony Bourdain talk about in his bk on life as a chef?

fooDcrazEE said...

Hah! Kena jugak. no lar

glutton rabbit said...

Wahhh!!! Iron chef! Iron chef! You look very pro in that chef outfit!
BTW, the terrine looks good despite you forgot to add in sugar hehe...