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Went around the usual tourist attraction that i dont normally visit but since my MIL is around, go lor. Damn tiring walking around - Penang Hill coz she wants to see Penang from up there, by pass Snake Temple - they hated snake and I love them, Cornwalis -, Sleeping Buddha and the Myanmar - Burmese Temple.

Called my friend for food place and recommended a place near the Ferry Jetty, i think they are called Tan and Lee Jetty. Wanted to have some seafood ala Penang but Tambun is too far away. Lazy to drive that far for makan since MIL is tired.

We spied a quite new joint in Gurney Drive and I thought it was a tourist makan place. Found out quite a lot of locals dine there too. Guess the food should be ok.

In we went to this place called Bali Hai - picture below

I like the phrase " If it Swims, We Have It" <----- What a bull shit. They do have them but a lot of the seafood are not even "LIVE". I was tempted to ask if they have sea snake ? Kekekeke! Crab dont swim and yet they serve ? Why ?

The entrance to the restaurant. Looks kinda busy, eh ? I was seated on the left side of the entrance underneath a so called hut.

One of the nicest thing - LIVE abalone - RM38.00 per 100 gm. Not sure of the actual species and I am in the midst of researching for my Abalone post. Think it is either the White or Pink Species. BTW, for those who loves to eat this - ITS A SNAIL.......chuckle. Nope, I didnt order this as I dont like abalone.

We were seating around looking at the menu we took ourselves and called a waitress. She came and told us, she only takes Beverage order. Fine. Ordered our beverage, served within 10 minutes. Waited and waited, still no one came and take out order. Stood up, call someone and was ask to wait. You know how long we waited before someone came and took our order. 45 damn minutes and people who came later than us, 5 tables got their order took before us.

I was damn pissed and nearly walked out without paying even for the beverage. MIL was tired and hungry and I have to cool down then. I called a waiter and told him, can someone take our order now ? That poor guy ( not his fault ) called for the SUPV - 2 of them indeed and yet no one came. Then a local dining behind us shouted and the SUPV came. Took our order and then waited for another 30 odd minutes before the dish arrive. *&^$%^$%#%@&#^

Ordered for a Kangkong Belancan, Stir Fried Ostrich with Ginger and Spring Onion, a Seafood Casserole called Seafood Treasure, "Kam Heong " Lala ( clam ) and Chilli Crab.

This blur picture is the Seafood Treasure - Sea Sucumber, Fish Maw, Pacific Clam and i cant remember what else. Out of 10, I give them a 4 for flavour.

The Ostrich - 6 /10

Crab - above taken with mobile phone normal view and bottom with night mode. Out of 10 - err....... 5 max. Diu!

This is the only dish that I think its damn good. The flavour, aroma and taste is near perfect. 8/10

Overall experience - 4/10 fro service rendered, food and ambience. I dont think this restaurant is good - personal view. Compared to Teluk Gong - they are way way behind. I can understand if they are busy as I am also in the same line. 5 order taker ? Man, they are still using the old system of serving. Why cant they sectionized their people like what Teluk Gong is doing. That way, you will ensure all your guests are served promtply and all food arrived ASAP. Imagine serving me a dish from the table behind me and when I pointed out its not mine, the waitress looks at me and told me in Hokkien " Gua Chai" literary means " I know " WTF. If you know, why serve me then ?

Overall pricing is RM97.12

Clam at RM 8.00 - fair price but pricey for Penang.
Crab at RM 25.00 - 1 kg i think
Ostrich at RM 15.00
Kangkong at RM 8.00
Seafood Treasure at RM8.00

Canned Drinks at Rm1.80 per can
Juice - RM2.50
Rice RM1.00 per pax

with 5% Govt Tax and 5% Service Charge

KNS...............I will never never never never never never never never STEP into this restaurant again.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here is entirely based on my personal experience and taste. It may vary for others. This review is done solely for personal blog and by no means the reviewer receive any monetary or non monetary compensation.


slurp! said...

hmm ... i think price quite expensive leh ...

Eternity said...

wah, MIL also so patient to wait for 45 mins to take order and another 30 mins for food??

fooDcrazEE said...

slurp - it is but compare to KL, ok ler...

eternity - she's tired and i also kesian her