Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant

Day off and went back home to my parent's place in Klang. The first thing that hits me was the HEAT............unbelieveable. So used to 20 - 24 C and suddenly emerge out from the car and we were hit with a 33C heat. It was warm, humid and sux.

I craved seafood and told my mum not to cook. Waited for my younger sis to be back and off we went to Teluk Gong , Port Klang. Dont think this place needs intro as most of you would have heard about it or even been there for the seafood.

Our usual haunt is a restaurant located on the left side of the road - the last restaurant. I was impressed with their changes when I first when back there after my stint in Vietnam. Damn, it was only a shack with about 8 tables and suddenly it was turned into a huge area of about 100 tables.

The service was ok but the food timing - SUPERB. They time the food to your order and you usually dont have to wait that long for your food. The best part, as you finish a dish or two, the rest will come.

We started off with "Kam Heong" Bamboo Clam. I felt cheated. There was 12 shells and only 8 blardy morsel of clam. Well, this is the first time I'm there on a SUNDAY. Cant complaint, can I ? chuckle !

Sorry for the blur picture. Taken with my phone camera.

The Lala ( Clam ) Vermicelli ( Beehoon ). Delish

My lil sis likes this - the Marmite Crab. I find them err....sweet and had a slight burnt taste. Still like the Kam Heong Version. pic not included as I have no idea why I can upload them in bloggers.

Another pic of the marmite crab.

Will post more better pic next. No mood today. Bad day at work.....till then

Cheers !


tekko said...

I don't like the food at Teluk Gong... wonder why so many people visit there. I have very bad mood at work today also. If no need to work... how good~!

boo_licious said...

I think I have only eaten at Teluk Gong three times in my whole life so can't comment on seafood places.

Do cheer up, end of the day so can think abt tmrw rather than the crappy one you had tday.

fooDcrazEE said...

it depends on which restaurant u go to. Coconut Flower still the best -fresh seafood.

I'm kewl, dont have MOnday blues but kena tiau for no reason - sienz

Wuching said...

eh, where u stay got 20-24C everyday wan?

Audrey Cooks said...

he he he... can't ignore wuching's comment...sorry mike :D, Been once to coconut flower rest. only once and was a good experience but a little far from where I stay. They serve toddy there right?

Primrose said...

It's a pity I'm allergic to seafood but sometimes, just sometimes, I crave for prawns and crabs and lala and chook than. Now I try taking pranws in small quantities and then go home and pop an anti-histamine. Sigh. But I love chook than.

Cocka Doodle said...

Didn't you try the 'must have' toddy and guiness stout concoction?
Simply out of this world!

Vien said...

is the price reasonable? the hubby complains i don't bring him makan seafood everytime we're back in msia.

fooDcrazEE said...

wuching - i'm still in MY at 6000 feet above sea level

audrey - yeah , they served toddy

primrose - careful. allergic sux

cocka - nope - i stop drinking due to my liver problem.

vien - price is very reasonable. 2 kg crabs, bamboo clam, lala beehoon, vege, drinks and err...cant remember the other dish at abt RM125.00

Jason said...

The other day we went to Tanjung Harapan, further down lagi. :D RM250 for 7 people. Oh la la.

Robin said...

hmm... let me think.. how does a coconut flower looks like?

can it be used for cooking?

I know the banana flower can be very good for rojak!

Hot Screensaver said...

Been to Teluk Gong quite a number of times. Every time went to the Coconut Flower Seafood one, and have not tried the others...

Anyway, food there is pretty good, and have to go early too, otherwise may need to queue up.

Eternity said...

i went there for the 1st time 2 weekends ago. found the food ok. had almost the same stuff you did. and hey, hope you have a better day at work.

KampungboyCitygal said...

I went there before and tried the toddy..Smell awful but taste good..Kenot tell mummy ..ssshhhhhhh

fooDcrazEE said...

Jason, kinda pricey aint it ?

robin, coconut flowers looks like coconut flower lar...chuckle

screensaver - thanx for dropping by

eternity - i'm kewl now just bz

kggal - cant tell even if i wanted too. Dunno them ler...lolz