New Camera - Non Food Post


Got meself a new ultra compact camera during my day off. Its kinda hard to choose from whatever is available in the market.

Asked for advise, gone thru reviews in the net, websites, yada yada whateveritiscalled.

Narrow down to 3 choices and got some great review from our favourite 5XMom ( pronounce as 5 EX MOM )chuckle. Link here.

In the end, we both opted for a Panasonic Lumix FX01 and as Lilian said, why not FX10 ? Chuckle !

Why we chose this ? Well, my wife likes the design, LCD and some of the functions. Me ? I'm ok with the price but the LEICA lens , thats the one that capture my attention most. Indeed LEICA came out with a similar camera but the design sux....lolz.

Anyway, am glad to have bought one and with the 20 scene mode especially the FOOD MACRO SCENE.

Here's the pic of the new and old camera.

We opted for this BLACK PN LUMIX. Just prefer this to the WHITE or SILVER .

See the ANTIQUE camera on the LCD ? The only thing I dont like about this camera is the dial button . Why cant they be like Canon where everything is on a press of a button instead of a dial or rolling button ? I'm not sure what you called that button. Top Left button, where u roll it left or right to choose between various function. i.e. macro, video, still, etc.

The old but trusted CANON IXY 3.2. A good camera but the battery is damn expensive to replace and the worst is the CF card is corrupted. Not really but sort of screwed up. 2 Battery + a new CF card will set me back by about RM700.00, aint it better to buy a new camera ?

Front view of the camera. Bought them in Japan and sent over via courier. My BIL bought it for us there as it was cheaper there even with the courier charges.

Will post about some picture of food we have taken with the 2 camera for comparison. Set the Lumix pic to 3MP and they turns out so much better in terms of quality and less digital noise.

Till then

Cheers !


Chen said...

someone bought a new toy !!!
waiting to see the pict :)

mizzvickz said...

i'm using a lumix as well.. it takes really good macro pics :)

slurp! said...

strange that they started with 1 again (i.e 01) heard its manufacturing error. when they realise the 10 becomes 01, i think eventually decides to go with the error. hahahaha ...

congrats & have fun! uh

boo_licious said...

Cool stuff! What impressed me abt this camera was when I gripped it, it felt really much firmer versus the Canon Ixus. The huge LCD screen is also fantastic. Can't wait to see the pixs of the yummy food.

Wuching said...

a new CF card will set me back by about RM700.00 WTF! i'd buy a new camera too!

Eternity said...

what a sleek camera. so there'll be more pix to come, i assume ;)

babe_kl said...

wooohooo better pics days ahead!!! congrats on yr pick, its one of the more popular model currently. i'm now itching for a DSLR :p but boh lui so can drool only

fooDcrazEE said...

thanx all.

Can someone guide me with the comment thingy. HOw the hell Do i collapse them so they wont show at every post unless click on ?

ShaolinTiger said...

Nice choice I like the Lumix too, best 3 is Lumix, Casio Exilim and Canon Ixus.

Lumix has really good image stabiliser but is slightly thicker.

Btw, if CF card is corrupted just format it, will fix it up fine 99% of the time.

I just got a new cam too might get a compact later for easy carrying, clubbing food pics etc.

Tempted by the Exilim Z850, its like a dSLR in a tiny body!

Primrose said...

I own a Canon Ixus 4.0 but both my batteries a bit konked it always shows Card Error. I'm ALSO looking around and fell for the Sony T9. I'm waiting for the price to go down actually...

5xmom said...

Wuah, almost missed this post. Drools....Great choice!