Non Food Post

Hello All,

Nice to be back in the bloggersphere. Just got back from me day off and kinda busy now with all the paperwork as usual.

Give me a day or two to settle down and I will post some of the exciting food I have tasted and cooked.

Till then

Cheers !


Wuching said...

welcome back :)

slurp! said...

orrrrhhh ... you AWOL huh? :D
very serious crime but we forgive you if you post 3days 3nights of your yummie food posts soon :D *kiddin*

boo_licious said...

Yeah, quick post up pixs! Did u get yr new camera during the breaktime?

Eternity said...

welcome back! looking forward to see what you've been eating & cooking. :)

Vien said...

oh, you're back. I thought you went makan and vacation-ing till you don't wanna come back.