Macau Portuguese Food

In Macau, friends brought us to this restaurant, er..... i forgotten the name but its just oppostie MGM . Kewl place.

We had one dish each and shared everything. I ordered a BEEF TONGUE braised in Port Wine. Damn delish . . . . . . . .the aroma of port wine and the traditional way the braised it, simple with only carrot and potato. . . . .makes it an excellent dish.

The BEEF TONGUE braised in port wine with carrot,onion and potato.

PORK CHOP with chef's bbq sauce.

My friend's wife love this dish so much that she ordered them each visits. This is the 7th time she had this.

Seafood Baked Rice

This was recommended by the owner of the restaurant. The best dish we had there. Sumptous seafood cooked in seafood veloute, prawns, squids, crabmeat sticks and 3 huge fresh juicy scallop. On fried rice and topped with loads of cheese. All for MOP 68 = RM 30 or so. 3 of us cant finish them ( 1 already fill up to the brim )

Pork Chop Baked Rice

Another friend - Angel had this .. . . . . . .pork chop braised in red wine on fried rice, topped with cheese and baked. The sauce was superb . . . .but I personally think the veloute is much much better.

Anyway, makan here is cheaper than what I had for breakfast the 1st day. total bill was about MOP 200 wherelse the CHAR CHAN THENG breakfast cost us loads and crap food.

Cheers !


Godknows said...

Hi, my mobile is 0904 517 074. Hope to see you soon in Hanoi!
Have a nice weekend!

Primrose said...

Wow, all porky pork pork! I love pork chops! :) Tried frying minced pork egg yesterday but didn't turn out as expected. :(

FooDcrazEE said...

minced pork egg ? whats ur recipe ? let me see if i can advise u or not

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

these is really yummy:)

FooDcrazEE said...

a jewelry - tq

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