I was kinda taken when I read what happen to Babe in the City - KL: And I Thought I Would Have One of the Greatest Bake...
. It reminds me of what had happened to ourselves.

No doubt, the incident is not what I been thru but near. We lost our 1st 3 pregnancy , all 3 are naturally aborted with the latest @ 12 weeks foetus . We were finally blessed with our first son and it does cheer up my wife.

Next thing that happened, I didnt practise the 100 days thingy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .abstain lar . . . . . and my wife is preggie with our daughter. All was fine until one day when my wife suffers a terrible pain to the abdomen and we reushed to our gynae.

Reached there and the lead nurse checked and later WATER broke. The gynae came and was suprised to see us as we had the check up done just a week ago and everything was fine.

Advised us to transfer to Selayang Hospital as the equipment in the NCU - NeoNatal Care Unit was the best in Malaysia.

Went there and the gynae referred us to a SPECIALIST there. Scanned and checked every 2 hours and suddenly our DEAREST DAUGHTER didnt want to come out and see the world.

A day after Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong - our chairman and BOSS, passed away, our daughter was born naturally despite preparation for caesarian. She was born on Sultan Pahang's Birthday.

She weighed a mere 950 gm and as big as my palm only. I was so scared of what might happened if she . . . . . . . . .

Thank god. . she was discharged in January and now she's a healthy child of 6 months ( calculated based on discharged date ). Still the 7 months baby is smaller than others but who cares . . . . .she is healthy.

I do feel for babeinthecitykl and pray that she gets over it with her family. God will bless them with a healthy and full term MEI MEI as boiboi puts it.

May you be blessed with good health.

Take care.

Cheers !


babe_kl said...

thanks Mike for sharing this out *hugs*

FooDcrazEE said...

u r most welcome . . . .just be strong sis *huggies*

babe_kl said...

hey mike, time for an update la hahaha

btw, fancy cooking some noodles for this year's Merdeka Virtual Open House? This year's theme is Mee and My Malaysia.

FooDcrazEE said...

errr. . . . . .i dont know . . .havent been cooking for a long while . . . .change of career demands most of my time. . .will see, k ?