Meme - 10 Things I Miss Of Mom's Cooking

I was tagged by Pushpa of Pusiva's Culinary Studio with this meme. Just to highlight this , our MUM is still the BEST CHEF in the world for all of us, errr...most. Self Made Executive Chef that never fails to impress us with their culinary skill.

Here goes - in no particular order

1 Home Made meatballs. Mum made this with minced pork, chopped waterchestnut, chopped yam, shallot and season with salt and pepper. Added a little brandy for extra oomph. Then she add a little flour to bind them. Wrapped with what we called the LARD WEB ( not sure if its the correct term ). Deep fried and served with homemade chilli sauce - red chilli, bird eye chilli, shallot, sugar. Blend and then season with soy sauce.

2 Soup - I am very Chinese in this case. Love my soup but mostly clear soup

Pork Tripe Soup with Peppercorn as mentioned here
Herbal Soup - havent had this in ages. Must ask mum to cook on my next trip back.
Watercress Soup
Lotus Root Soup as mentioned here

3 Mee Hoo Kueh / Pan Meen - No need to mentioned this here as most of you would have your favourite stalls / restaurant selling this. Still loves my mum's version. Who dont ? Lolz

4 Chiffon Cake - mum used to bake till her old oven is out of order. WAnted to buy her one but she said no. Reason being - I dont know how to use the new oven. Well, since she said no, i wont have a chance to taste this any longer. Maybe when I get my house and oven, I will bake for her. aint that sweet ? chuckle !

5 Dip - From her side of family. This dipped is used for Poach Chicken ( Park Cham Gai ). Pound some shallot and ginger in a ratio of 4:1. Sauteed in hot sesame oil till transluscent, remove to a bowl, season with soy sauce and add some chopped Lesser Galangal or better known as Sand Ginger in Chinese.

6 Vinegar Pork Knuckle - not elaborating this.

7 Chay Buey/Choy Kuek - This is a must in most Chinese family I think. Usually made from leftover grand dinner where everything is chucked in to be boiled. Nowdays, we made them from duck bones or roasted pork bone. Add in some dried chilli, tamarind ( assam keping ), mustard leaves and stew. Season and served. Mum made the usual hot and sour version that we will actually polish off. MIL made a sweeter version with added ketchup. Kinda nice too.

8 Drunken Chicken - Mum made this once every few years. Chopped chicken into chunks, sliced ginger , lots of them. Sauteed the ginger in sesame oil till fragrant, add in the chicken and continue to saute and then add water. Bring to a boil and simmer. Mum will then add home made rice wine usually the yellowish looking type that they called White Rice Wine. Now , Pushpa, you made me miss my mum.

9 Fried Pork - simple dish but delish. Just sliced up some pork belly into chunks and marinate with brandy and soy sauce for about an hour. Deep fried and served. Usual dip of bird eye chilli and soy sauce is suffice.

10 Lastly, whatever my mum cook, I will love them. SO, it wont be fair to her if I only talk about the top 9 . Mum, thanx for everything that you have done for us. You are the greastest and hey, I will cook a grand meal one day for you and dad. Wait til the house is ready in 3 yrs time.

Now, this is a meme that I think I will tag people with. Lets see

1) Lilian of 5xMom
2) BabeInKL
3) Tu - VietnameseGod
4) Audrey of Audrey Cooks
5) Mae of Riceand Noodles

Cheers !


5xmom said...

I love this meme! Will definitely do that in my food blog. But laterz ya.

Kampungkai said...

Mee Hoon Kueh! ROCKS! piece by piece peeled off the hands into the boilding soup, oooooh.... yummy!

babe_kl said...

aiyoh tunggu sikit jam lorrr mungkin besok baru buat homework ok

Tazz said...

Wonder whether your Mee Hoon Kueh is the same as the Rice Cake that my mum used to make with left over porridge and flour. She stir-fry the rice cake with pork, dried shrimps, chilli and vegetable.

mistyeiz said...

aiyoyo! lucky didnt tag me, if not i sure fail! lol :P

Primrose said...

I shopped around for a digital camera today and came across the LUMIX. Now I'm liking the LUMIX. Which one you wanna buy again?

My mum's a good cook too! She makes lovely nyonya dishes. Love her lobak and jiu hu char!

Robin said...

hmm.. I miss my mum's sweet and sour pork..

fooDcrazEE said...

thanx for dropping by. Pls hold for next post as I have encountered some problems with my cpu ......

5xmom said...

I done it!

babe_kl said...

here's my homework